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The Art of Mindkeeping



The Secret to Activating Wisdom, Healing and Spiritual Fulfillment through Lumen Consciousness

Self-Help, Meditation

 Are you yearning for a higher state of being, a connection to something greater but struggling to find the path?

The Art of Mindkeeping is your guide to unlocking a profound spiritual journey that's been within you all along.

This book unravels the mystery of Mindkeeping, a transformative process that evolves you past the hurts and pains of the physical world, guiding you to your true nature as a spirit in human form. It's not about fixing what's wrong; it's about embracing what's right and discovering the next generation of consciousness—Lumen beingness.

You don't have to be trapped by your past or limited by your current perception. The key to healing, purpose, and an enriched life awaits. With a blend of wisdom and practical insight, The Art of Mindkeeping is the compass leading you to a destination where you are in control.

Ready to evolve and illuminate your life? Dive into The Art of Mindkeeping and embark on the path that was meant for you.

About the Author

Stacey McCann is not just an author; she's a natural-born healer, a pioneer in human technology and evolution, and a Lumen. Her journey began as a young child with a unique consciousness, but it wasn't until she healed her infant son's breathing issues that she fully embraced her gifts. This profound experience catapulted her into a new understanding of healing, self-discovery, and the mind's transformative power.

For over 30 years, Stacey has mastered the art of Mindkeeping, sharing her process with those eager to live from a higher state of being. Living in St. Augustine, Florida with her furry friend Louie, she continues to inspire and guide others on their paths to healing and spiritual growth. Her life and work stand as a testament to the profound connections between mind, body, and universe, providing a beacon for those ready to embark on a journey of inner healing. Join her on this exciting adventure towards self-discovery and enlightenment.


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