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Life with Ollie


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If you are of dating age or married, I wrote this book for you.

 This is not a self-help or a how-to book. This is the story of the metamorphosis of a timid, fear filled child who finally blossomed into a warrior. I have many scars that no one can see, but they are healed now. Through these battles to become a warrior, I have helped the wounded souls that have come to me and seen them overcome their demons to stand tall and proud of who they are. It has brought me great joy.


Through the years, I have heard along the way that the ancient Chinese would fix their broken china cups or figurines with gold to make them whole again, and more valuable. I believe that humans can be repaired with love and a sense of self-worth. Each and every one of us are here for a purpose and we are given gifts to help fulfill our purpose.


I would love for you to come on this journey with me...

read an excerpt...

Early in January, Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. And guess who had to be there every step of the way? She had her surgery as an outpatient, so it was left to me to take care of all her nursing needs until she was well again. She didn’t want to take chemo because they had removed the entire breast. She said going downtown every day would kill her faster than the cancer. When she was back on her feet, I went home, exhausted. It had only been about a month since I had gone through all my mess, so my lasting power was very short.

When it came time to take her stitches out about ten days after surgery, she wanted me to come down and take her. I told her, “You’ve had stitches out before; you’ll be fine.” I told her to call the seniors’ ride program and that they would wait for her. “Yes,” she replied, “but they don’t come inside and I have that long hall to my apartment. What if I can’t make it?”

 I told her I was too tired to do that drive for a five-minute appointment. She must have called me ten times that day. I said no every time. She went to the doctor’s and was fine. Ollie’s dark side was to raise its ugly head soon: I needed to pay for my disobedience.

I am sure she took a lot of delight in calling all her friends and telling them what an ungrateful child I was. She started calling me again on a constant basis. She knew she had a captive audience.

I went to church one Sunday and my priest asked me how I got there and I said I drove. He was also a doctor. He had a fit. “Don’t you know you’re not allowed to drive for six months after a heart attack?” he said to me. This was news to me: no one had told me I couldn’t drive, and here I was driving to the city and back on a regular basis. So, my car was put up for the five remaining months of my recovery. I could just see my mother rubbing her hands together.

As I am thinking, it came to me that I don’t remember my mother ever kissing me. She would expect a kiss hello and goodbye but when I went to kiss her, she always turned her cheek. Don and I would always get a kick out of that.

One night that she was staying over, she got pretty plastered. I don’t know if she just forgot who she was talking to, but she started telling me stories about her life that a daughter should never hear. I heard about all the men she’d been with and how many abortions she’d had over the years. It occurred to me how lucky I was: she had me when it was convenient.

 about Donna Burgeois...

Donna G. Bourgeois enjoys writing and painting, both excellent activities to soothe the soul. She went to university at 65-years-old and earned an associate degree in theology, just to keep the grey matter healthy.  She considers her greatest quality to be the ability to love greatly and be kind to those who life have put on her path.  Life with Ollie is her first book, although she has many more story ideas waiting in the wings. She believes if you listen to your inner voice, you will find your bliss.

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