Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The Book on Pie



Cookbooks. I LOVE cookbooks. But in these last few years I tend to spend less money on them because there is so much online. That is not true of this book. It has everything that’s perfect in a cookbook. Beautiful pictures, an excellent Index, clear recipes, all kinds of tips, and yet it is also very readable. Written in a sort of conversational way that I felt kept my interest so well.

It’s full of pies our mothers use to make, pumpkin, apple, and cherry but it is equally full of new ideas. All kinds of savory pies, gluten-free crust, vegan crust, cornmeal crust, more crusts than you can imagine.

Well, you can probably see I am in love with this cookbook. This is a book to purchase and put on your shelf not only for recipes but as a reference source. I intend to do just that. I bet this is the first hard-cover book I have bought in a year. I probably don’t give more than seven 5-star ratings a year. Lots of books are good books but 5-star books, well, they are special.

Pre-Order Now.  On sale  11.10.20


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