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It's OK to have feelings

 It's OK to have feelings.


Everyone has feelings. Happy, sad, and angry are feelings we all have felt at one time or another. As you grow up, you start to feel other feelings. Can you guess what some of them might be?


What happens to our bodies when we start to feel these feelings? When you're happy, you feel like the sky is blue, the sun is out and you can see unicorns and rainbows. Your smile is bigger, and your eyes have a sparkle in them. What happens to your body when it's a feeling you've never felt before?


Come along and join in with all the other children learning how to identify feelings and what happens to their bodies when they feel those feelings.


Remember, it's OK to have feelings!

my review...

Another good children’s book. Feelings are a difficult but necessary part of life to discuss with children. Reading about our emotions helps, but what this book accomplishes even more than that is bringing up many varied emotions we all experience. This book can “cause” a discussion to come from a parent or a child. I used the term “cause” in the previous sentence because sometimes parents and kids have such a difficult time expressing their feelings that utilizing something that will “cause” the discussion to start is the key.

This is a cute book. It has nice illustrations and is almost written in a sort of sing-song prose. It will not of course solve all of the problems one might have with discussing emotions with a young child but it sure has everything to help you get started. As far as reading ages, this book could be read to any young child aged 4 or 5 and up. I think the reading level is something an 7 to 10 year old could handle. I do think this is a discussion book though. A book to be read together.  

A good book for Aileen Pound and her daughter to have put together. A great book for many parents and children to read and discuss.

read an excerpt...

Has there ever been a day where you feel as happy as can be?

The sun is shining; the sky is blue… wait,

can you see a unicorn or two?

These are the best days; I definitely agree. When you

feel happy, your smile is bigger, your voice is full of

laughter, and your whole body is bursting with joy.

It’s OK to have feelings xx

On other days, you may feel sad . The sky appears

a little grey; the unicorns have gone away.

You may be teary and quiet, and perhaps you have no energy.

Just remember, though...

It’s OK to have feelings; these feelings of sadness will pass.

Tomorrow is another day.

about the authors...

Aileen Pound and Michaela Robertson Keane are a mother and daughter team.

Michaela, who is six, is Aileen's only child, and they spend a lot of time doing lots of fun things together: going on adventures, creating and being imaginative at home. So last year, when they were housebound during COVID, they started talking a lot about feelings, especially ones that Michaela had never felt before. So they decided to write a book together to help other children with their feelings.

Aileen and Michaela spent a long time talking about what feelings to put in the book, and Michaela provided Aileen all the examples that are in the book. As with everything, they wrote this book together, and Michaela had a very clear image of how she wanted the illustrations to look.



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  1. I enjoyed the excerpt and It's Ok to Have Feelings sounds like an enjoyable learning book for children and I like the cover! Thanks for sharing it with me! Thanks Our Town for sharing your review! Have a fantastic weekend!


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