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Move the Stars

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YA Fantasy

“Move the Stars” offers a sometimes-humorous, but always magical, story of 16-year-old Ava Stonebreaker finding and using her voice for the good of her world. With Eddag Fen afire behind her, she journeys to her father’s home, at first fearing she returns to him with failure as her legacy. Bringing with her a half-blood fae, a star reader’s apprentice and news of storm stars closing in, she also carries hope. Fanciful creatures have encouraged her to seek out the giant dragons beyond Modric’s Pass. With spunky shoulder dragons and the endangered arabesque to whom she sings accompanying her, Ava devises and undertakes a daring plan to re-shake the world…and move the stars.

read an excerpt...
Ava didn’t stop but raised a curved hand to signal that the man should follow. If he could. She saw none of the faces in the chaos around her, merely hoping her few friends in this wretched place would be safe.

She dodged cracking branches, a tipped, stinking waste bucket, and stumbling people to cross a heaving floor. Few elders would risk the loose and waving ivy ladder; they could barely descend it if someone held its base on a calm day. Tonight, Ava tugged its anchor to assure herself it was secure, threw the mass of woven twigs-and-ivy over the side of the gatherers’ floor, and swirled around to climb down.

On the far side of the gatherers’ quarters, she glimpsed one of the elevators made from carved wood and iron bolts splintering under the pressure of too many elders crowding onto its base and too much shaking ripping it apart. The steam that powered its cogs and wheels failed, spewing a plume of vapor through a moonbeam.

She looked away, unwilling to see anyone plummet to a long death. Their screams descended in volume as they accompanied the breaking elevator to a pile of bars and bolts and bones below.

A voice whispered directly in her ear, “This way, Ava.”

The luminescence of an arabesque glowed softly near her hands. Another of the floating globes bobbed near her feet, offering a gentle pink light there as well, guiding her down the ladder as it undulated from the quake’s unending shocks. She’d never descended the ivy as fast as she did that night, making a quick leap to the floor of the fen. There, she positioned herself to hold the ladder for what few elders could follow her.

my review...
You know, I am not your dragon kind of girl, but this story was enchanting. It’s also a story that if you put aside the dragons and other magical things, it fits right in our world today. It’s a short read about how we need to take care of where we live and yet there is most certainly no preaching. Just a short charming story about a young girl and her people and the steps they take to save their lives and the land they love.
This is listed as YA or Young Adult Fantasy genre.  I most certainly enjoyed it and I am unfortunately no longer a YA person  :)  I haven’t read any of Sandy Lender’s other materials so I can’t speak that they are all of this genre. They would sure be worth checking out though.

This is Book 1 in a series titled “A Gentle Dragons Novel”. Sandy Lender has another series published. All have good reviews.

about Sandy Lender...
Sandy Lender is a magazine editor by day and author of girl-power fantasy novels by night. You can check out her author page on Amazon or follow her facebook page at Fantasy Author Sandy Lender. She lives in Florida where she volunteers in sea turtle conservation and parrot rescue. Sandy Lender Ink Inc., headquartered in Central Florida, is her umbrella company for the copywriting, editing, and marketing services she offers. With a four-year degree in English and 28-year career in publishing, Sandy brings a deep understanding of public relations and journalism to a variety of projects. Her successes include traditionally and self-published novels, hundreds of magazine articles, multiple short stories in competitive anthologies, a couple APEX technical writing awards, a 2019 Imadjinn Best Literary Fiction Novel Award for her #MeToo novel She’s Not Broken, and a 2020 Pushcart Prize nomination for her short story Woman off the Grid. In December, she finally updated her website at and released her first non-fiction book “How to Train Your Human: a guide for parrots,” which she wrote from a parrot’s point of view. With a new publisher taking over her “Choices” series this summer, she’s launching the “Gentle Dragons” series on her own, starting with Ava’s story in Move the Stars.
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