Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild by Jack London
I'm going to review this now that  have read it again...50+ years later.  In other words now that I am no longer a young kid in high school. Far from it. I had a horrid time reading this, the hurt, the cruelty. While I, like many others, seem to be hardened to your everyday shoot 'em up tv shows, this book hurt my heart. 

There's another side to this book though; another perspective. I think it tells the story of people.  Now that I have lived and worked and climbed both in a performance and a business career, I realize this is a story of life, a survival of the fittest book. A story about a dog eat dog world. A picture of the harsh fact that the meaner people are to us; the meaner and harder we become just to survive. As much as we can love we still long to run away. 

Is it worth the time to read? I think so. It's well written and even though it may be a little tough to take now and then, it's worth the picture it paints. --kathy

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