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Journey to Zentobia


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A fast-paced fantasy/adventure that you won't want to put down! Discover exciting twists and turns around every corner in this new children's book.

When the Miller family moves to the small town of Hailsville, ten-year-old Maggie and her thirteen-year-old brother discover their neighbor comes from a magical world, Zentobia. After the amateur detectives try to help him get home, they're swept through a rainbow portal and end up in his world on their own.

In Zentobia, Maggie and Peter embark on an action-packed fantasy adventure where they encounter orange rain, cascade down floating water falls, and chat with talking animals. Before long, they learn danger lurks in Zentobia, where all magic has been banished. Maggie is captured by an evil leader who wants to bring back dark magic. Help is on the way from Peter and their dad, who team up with Zentobia's good leader. But once they reach Maggie, more trouble emerges.

Join Maggie and Peter as they navigate magical underground tunnels, use flying shoes to travel across the world, and race to save Zentobia from the return of dark magic. Will they make it in time to stop the world's last gold star from turning black, or will trouble find them first?

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Maggie held her dad’s hand, and they lifted off the ground. Her stomach dropped as the speed increased. The smell from the silver flames leaving the shoes reminded her of fumes from the gas station near her home in Hailsville. “This is amazing and scary, and I can’t believe this is happening.” Below, Zentobia got smaller and smaller as they flew higher. My body is so light up here. Am I in space? Doubt it, the sky's still blue. I have to try this on my own. She released her hand from her dad’s, and her body wobbled from side to side. Cold, fresh air blew swiftly against her face, causing her to squint.

Brit flew next to her. “Just keep it steady. You’ll get used to the wind. Focus on moving straight ahead.”

“This is a lot harder than it looks.” Maggie’s legs twisted, and she circled around. Yikes! This is crazy! “Oh no! I can’t balance. Someone help!”

Brit grabbed her arm. “You’ve got this.”

I can do it. Maggie steadied her breathing and held her hands out to her sides. “It’s working. I’m flying! Woohoo!”

They flew in silence the rest of the way. Maggie practiced tricks but kept losing her balance. As they approached the palace, Brit signaled to the group to land on the side of the building behind a set of dead trees.

Oh no. I forgot how to slow down. “Yikes! Dad! I can’t slow these things down!”

“Tap your right foot twice,” Brit yelled from the ground.

Maggie tapped her foot inches from the ground, and she landed on her hands and knees. “Ouch! That was the worst landing ever.”

Her dad ran to her side. “You okay?”

“Yep.” She stood. “I’ll stick the landing next time.”

About the Author:Routine trips to Disneyland with her daughter played a role in Stacy's passion for storytelling.

Her daughter inspired the idea for Journey to Zentobia on a road trip home from one of their visits to the happiest place on Earth. They would pass a piece of paper back and forth in the car and each write part of a story. Her daughter's idea for a brother and sister to transport back in time through a rainbow portal stuck with Stacy for almost two years before she sat in front of the computer and began to write Journey to Zentobia.

Though she changed her daughter's original idea of the main characters going back in time to ending up in another world, the credit still goes to her innovative, young mind.

When she wasn’t working on this children's book, she wrote freelance stories for the Las Vegas Review-Journal Real Estate Section. Prior to that, she worked in the public relations industry in Las Vegas for more than 25 years. And when duty calls, she volunteers for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

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