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It Happened on Thunder Road

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When Emmy Russo returns to high school in Moncks Corner, South Carolina after summer break, she discovers some changes. First: Mom has a boyfriend. Second: the cute new student, Charlie Fields, is a Rockabilly greaser with a gang who obeys his every command. Third: attractive Keir Harper wants to be more than just her best friend. And fourth: a perplexed Emmy soon finds herself drawn to two extremely different boys. How do you choose between sweet and smoldering...

Then tragedy strikes on desolate Thunder Road. Strange things start happening, with Emmy in the middle of it all. Intent on finding the truth, she must fight for her heart, her life, maybe even her soul. Because someone wants to possess all of Emmy. And they will be together, no matter what the cost. For eternity.

my review...

I really enjoyed this book. It wasn’t the whole story that struck me first though. This is one of those few books that catch you in the first 20 pages. It must be the writing. It can’t be a particular subject because a few books in different genres have been this way for me.

This is listed as YA but I’m most certainly not young anymore and I put it down only one time. I think readers of any age would enjoy it. It’s the perfect setting for the “racer” and “tough guy” scene, but in all honesty, it isn’t really about that at all. While it does have a little of the romance and paranormal genres, it’s a good story but clean as can be. It also has an ending that you won’t predict.

Susan Anthony has two books listed on Amazon, this, and another titled Cherokee Summer. Both books have good reviews. Check them out here:  https://amzn.to/3uAM0Pm

read an excerpt...

Twenty-five feet ahead stood a bald cypress anchored in the lake by a heavy dome-shaped root system. Its narrow trunk stretched up toward the sky. The top branches were spindly and covered in a smattering of green leaves. Gray moss hung from the lower limbs and blew like tattered dishrags in the wind. I removed my shoes and dipped my toes in the water.

Keir stripped off his shirt, revealing his lean but muscular torso, smooth except for a scanty dark blondish-brown hair below his belly button. He knelt and dug inside his backpack and placed two bottles of water in the sand. Then he pulled out a towel, and my bikini fell out.

“Why don’t you put it on?”

My head ricocheted from side to side. “Where?”

He pointed at a nest of trees that lined the shore. “Over there.”

My pulse raced. “Someone might see me.”

“There’s no one out here but us.”

I stared at him wide-eyed while my feet grew roots deeper than the bald cypress in the lake.

“Give me a second.”

He disappeared under one of the tree limbs and strategically draped the towels around the shrubbery. Seconds later, he returned with a smirk.

“Not even the squirrels will see you now.”

I clutched my bikini to my chest, unstuck my feet, and ducked behind the towels, my composure but a fragile shell around me. Peeking over the top of the makeshift dressing room, I spread the bushes a bit. Keir had turned his back.

about Susan Antony...

Susan Antony is an IT by day, hip-shaker and writer by night, artist whenever possible, and an

internet addict. She lives in the sunny south with her teenage son and two Cairn Terriers. Cherokee Summer placed first in the Missouri Romance Writers of America "Gateway to the Best" contest, was a 2019 OKRWA finalist, was a 2020 Author Shout Recommended Read, took 1st in the 2020 Write Touch Readers Award, and took the bronze medal in the 2020 Readers Favorite Contest.

It Happened on Thunder Road placed 1st in The Southeastern Writers Association 2020 Contest.

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