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The Denisovan Trilogy, Book One

YA Sci-fi Mystery, YA Sci-fi Suspense

Date Published: April 2021

Publisher: Carrick Publishing

Kayla Jones has dreams she can’t understand. Her future seems determined as the brilliant STEM student who looks forward to a research career, but her past gets in the way. As if the chaos afflicting the world and leading to her adopted father’s death wasn’t enough, killers begin to pursue her. With some friends who come to her aid, she’s on her way to discover a conspiracy that can be traced to prehistoric battles waged by hominins bent on conquest of a primitive Earth.

About the Author

A. B. Carolan, a reclusive collaborator of Steven M. Moore, lives in Donegal, Ireland. His focus is on sci-fi mysteries and thrillers written for young adults and adults who are young-at-heart.

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