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The Bean Sidhe

 Percy thought he had it all figured out; good education, good job, good wife, work hard, play by the rules. But he discovered very late in life that not everyone has read the same rule book. Tired, angry, and bitter, Percy, for the first time in his life, decides he wants to kill someone. Revenge for someone he barely knew. Percy quickly learns that murder isn't as easy as it looks, and keeping the whole mess secret even harder. A funny, gritty look at killing your fellow man.

my review...

Sometimes no matter how perfectly we plan, no matter how hard we work and save, our lives just don’t turn out as we thought. That’s what this relatively short story is about. It’s 170 pages of satirical story about a guy wanting revenge.

This is a somewhat different view of the “guy seeking revenge” story. It’s even a little humorous now and then. I had a difficult time figuring out what was going on in the beginning, but once I got used to “who was whom” so to speak, it began to read easier. There is a certain amount of shall we say colorful language here. I can’t say it bothered me. It seemed to fit the characters.

This was definitely not wasted time. I enjoyed the book. Obviously, Ernest Canning has a great imagination. 

read an excerpt...

The keys for apartment 507 still hung in the lock, the door not fully closed. She had watched him go in. He looked like hell. Lou must have tried to drown the little turd.

She turned to study the wet footprints leading back to the elevator. Did he have only one shoe on? Like Grandpappy Hughes would have said, “the wee lad looks like he’s bin rid hard and put away wet.”

The building was starting to look its age. Built in the early sixties, it still wore its inaugural colours and trappings. The carpet was worn in the center, the plastics and fabrics were yellowed and faded. Decades of meal preparation and continuous occupancy had left the place smelling like a cross between a donair shop and a cat house.

Leaning closer to the door, she heard a shower running somewhere in the apartment.

She had tried to warn this Percy fellow that Lou Bonas was not the kind of guy to be messing about with; on the upside, the little bugger was still among the living.


about Ernest L. Canning...

Ernie was raised on a dairy farm in the Muskoka region of Ontario, Canada. A compulsive maker of things his whole life, Ernie was lucky enough to have a couple of his pieces included in the folk art display at the 1986 World's Fair held in Vancouver, Canada, and had the folk art book, From the Heart, published the same year. Those pieces still reside at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, QC. When allergies prevented him from continuing in one art form, his busy mind pushed into another. The Bean Sidhe was the result.

























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  1. Nice book cover and the book sounds interesting.

  2. Thank you for hosting my father's book "The Bean Sidhe" today!

    On behalf of my father Ernest L. Canning, we appreciate your great review.

  3. Ryan, I enjoyed the book so much. Thanks for letting me promote it on Our Town Book Reviews.


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