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An epic journey of adventure, heroism, and self-exploration through the eyes of a teenage boy named Siba.

Siba’s life takes an exciting turn when his pet parrot takes him to a magical forest. He explores the mysterious forest-dwellers and the precious ancient wisdoms of the fantasy world when a sudden tragedy jeopardizes life on earth. To save the world, he must embark on a legendary journey to the Pole Star.

Siba encounters many mythical creatures and numerous thrilling challenges that jolt him to his core. They leave burning questions in his mind about the world and his own existence. He must dive into the dark labyrinths of his mind, for the last hope of saving humanity seems to be hidden there.

Can he solve the mysteries of the mystical world and his inner world? Can he complete his journey to the Pole Star and save the world?

A perfect blend of fantasy, mysticism, and spirituality that explores the answer to the eternal question – Who Am I?

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After hiding Celine, as Siba moved out of the crack, he saw the dragons were attacking his friends. They swooped and snatched the snow leopards with their steel-like claws. Streams of fire turned the ice into clouds of steam. Watching the snow leopards slaughtered and torn into pieces, Siba ran toward them to help. As he reached there, one dragon blocked his way and spewed fire at him. Siba ducked. The stream of fire hit the black armor but didn’t burn it. Siba was surprised to find himself unscathed. He remembered the armor was made from the dragon’s skin.

He got up at once and climbed the glacier. But his leather slippers slipped on the molten ice, and he fell inside a shallow crevasse. He felt a sharp pain in his right arm. He looked at it. His arm was injured and bleeding. He took his feathers out but couldn’t flutter with his right arm. He struggled with one hand but couldn’t balance to fly out of the hole.

After a long struggle and several attempts, Siba emerged out of the crevasse. But by that time, the dragons had already left, and their dance of death was over. Many snow leopards died. Many more were injured. Ajax emerged from one crevasse with one leg badly injured.

Musa shouted, “They are gone.” Several other snow leopards emerged out of the glacier from all directions. Holding his bleeding arm, Siba arrived there in tears.

Such a great book...My Review:

At first glance, I thought this was a book for young children. It isn’t that. It’s hard to peg in a way. Is it for a young adult or an adult? It might be both.

Within this story-tale of a young boy, Siba,  and his parrot, Rouble,  you find a true adventure. Yet...hidden in a swirling world of lions, tigers, turtles, and bears lies a sort of philosophical view of how we should live our lives. A reminder of how important it is to treat others. It’s a picture of how we can suffer as well as how at times we make those among us feel hurt or sad.  It all seems to be rather subtle. It is after all a story of adventure in a magical forest.

This story reads in a very flowing manner. Through an occasional turn of phrase, it is at times apparent that English is not this author’s first language. It never causes anything to be unclear. It adds a sort of charm and seems to fit in the picture of the Great Forest.

I’ve added a lot of facts and visualizations, so let me try and summarize more clearly. I think any adult would enjoy this as would a young adult. In my opinion, there is nothing in this book that has any particular sexual content nor any crude language. It can be read with a child, and could easily stimulate conversations that would allow a parent to discuss certain mores with middle-grade age children.

However, this isn’t as simple a read as one might think. The author creates vivid pictures of a magical place, but as I have said, there is an underlying current of our everyday lives and how they should be lived. Sounds deep, doesn’t it? I think it is. Depends on one’s perception. Definitely worth a read. 


About the Author:

B. Singh grew up in a small city, Chandigarh, located near the foothills of the mighty Himalayas in northwest India. Since his childhood, he has always had an inquisitive mindset. He doesn’t settle for the pre-existing answers if they don’t make sense to him. Instead, he explores, experiments, and finds the answer himself. He has traveled across India from north to south not only for his education but also to explore different cultures and values. To continue his journey of exploration, he moved from India to Canada. After graduating from the University of Windsor, Canada, he conceived the idea of compiling his learnings in the form of a spiritual fantasy book. This well-crafted and awe-inspiring adventurous journey into a fantasy world is full of chiseled gems of wisdom that will enrich the lives of every human being on earth.


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  1. Thank you Kathy for hosting my book promotion and writing an amazing review.
    Experience an emotional roller-coaster ride in the fantasy world of Magical Forest, Dream Painters, Mushpops, Dragons, and many more. An epic adventure journey that will give you goosebumps. Make you cry sometimes, and sometimes, touch your funny bone. And while going through all the ups and downs, reveal the most valuable lessons of life.
    All reviews and comments are much appreciated.
    Happy Holidays and Enjoy the Adventure.

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    1. Thanks Sherry for your interest. Enjoy the adventure journey. Wish you a happy new year.


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