Thursday, October 12, 2023

Cruel Lessons

On a school camping trip, fifth graders experiment with a dangerous new hallucinogen and die in a horrific accident, their deaths shattering the quiet town. Assistant Superintendent Ken Parks, hoping to redeem a fatal mistake from his past, grasps the opportunity to conduct the district investigation of how students are getting the drugs. Almost before he begins, the cops make a stunning arrest. But Parks battles on, convinced the real pusher is still out there, poisoning more kids until he receives an anonymous threat: if he continues, those close to him will pay. Is Parks willing to risk those he loves for a chance at redemption?


my review...

This was one I sure couldn't put down. One of those kind where the whole time you're reading you're yelling "can't they see that's not true". Don't be making fun of me...if you are a true reader, you've yelled out loud at those authors lots of times :) 

Well, this is one of those authors. He's the kind that sort of strings you out wondering if they'll ever figure out who the bad guys or girls are but adds a lot of tension at the same time.

Speaking of stringing this out. There were just a few times in the book that I felt the story slow down too much. I can't pick out a reason, possibly replication.

However, nothing I might be critical of could cause me not to describe this as a really good story and a great read. Can't recommend it enough.

about Dr. Randy Overbeck...

Dr. Randy Overbeck is a best-selling author of the award-winning series, The Haunted Shores Mysteries, the three entries earning such national awards as the Gold Award from

Literary Titan, Mystery of the Year from ReaderViews, Best Book from Chanticleer and Crowned Heart of Excellence from InD’tale Magazine. He hosts a new podcast, “Great Stories about Great Storytellers,” which reveals the unusual backstories of famous authors, directors and poets. He is also a speaker in much demand, sharing his multi-media presentations, “Thanks Still Go Bump in the Night”  and “A Few Favorite Haunts” with audiences all over the country. More info about his novels, programs and podcast can be found at his website

















  1. Thank you for hosting this tour for us today!

  2. "This one I sure couldn't put down" Thanks for the great review. Glad you enjoyed the ride.

    1. Glad to have you here. Best of luck with Cruel Lessons

  3. Thank you for sharing your awesome review of Cruel Lessons, this definitely sounds like a must read for me

  4. I look forward to reading this.

  5. The cover looks great. Sounds like a good story.

  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the book, it sounds very good

  7. Thanks for the great review and your kind comments. I'm truly excited to read what you think once you've had a chance to read my new work.


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