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Date Published: 07-18-2023

Publisher: Creative James Media

She's a pastor’s daughter. He's a convicted killer. Forever may be out of reach when she falls in love with one of the dangerous ones.

Faith is more than just a word to Mia Anderson. It's the foundation of her life as a pastor’s daughter. At home in her church and at peace with her beliefs, she decides to participate in a program to send letters to inmates regardless of what sins they may have committed.

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Gabriel Myers is a convicted criminal, serving life in prison for his father’s murder. Facing a hopeless future and haunted by a past that has left him full of contempt for God and the church, he wants nothing to do with Mia until she proves she can understand the man everyone believes is a monster.

With each letter that's exchanged, Mia becomes more aware that although Gabriel has never has never denied his crime, there is more to the story than the jury was allowed to hear. As reluctant friendship turns to seemingly ill-fated love, she knows she must convince him to appeal the verdict.

Dealing with the Texas justice system is a long shot, but the only chance they have to finally be together outside the walls of Gabriel's prison. Winning his freedom will give them a chance at happiness but can they finally find bliss in each other's arms or will the challenges they face and their divergent beliefs destroy their love for good?


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About the Author

Ashley Hawthorne is a contemporary romance author, avid reader of many genres, and shameless nerd. She's a lifetime fan of The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars and has spent nearly as long reading through every book in the romance section of the library. Now, she writes stories that examine what love means to us, how far we'll go to get it, and what we're willing to give up to keep it. She lives in Texas with her husband, kids, and a house full of rescue pets.


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Excerpt from "Deliver Me"

Then, as yet another video played and the clock on her bedside table ticked relentlessly toward 2 a.m. and she felt her eyes begin to droop against her will, she saw it. The prosecution had put up a large photo of Hugh Myers in the courtroom to play on the sympathy of the jury—to let them see the humanity of the man who was murdered in a dirty alley by the child he had loved and raised—and Gabriel, who had spent most of the trial staring straight ahead and ignoring the proceedings entirely, turned his head to look at the face of his father.

She leaned forward and paused the video,staring at Gabriel in that one brief moment when the mask of indifference slipped. Her heart pounded and her breath caught painfully in her throat because there was a lost child in his eyes. It was a look she recognizedimmediately—pain, anger, fear…and beneath that the kind of desperate shock that only comes from a loss that is too deep and too profound to speak of. 

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