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Balancing Entropy


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When life catches up with young and brilliant investment banker Lucas Blake in the form of anonymous threats, his existence is exactly what he always wished it could be.

Or is it really?

He can barely remember what his true aspirations looked like a decade ago. All he knows now is that everything he worked so hard to build could crash down in a split second if whoever is blackmailing him decides to act on it.

To make matters more complicated, the team he ends up hiring to silently find the culprit of those menaces includes Raven Collins. A woman Lucas lost touch with, but who he still can't get out of his head completely even years after having met her.

As the race to keep him out of harm's ways unfolds, he enters a journey of self-discovery that might very well make him question the core of his life choices.

When greed, power, and old ideals pair together within a perfect storm is it possible to come out of it unscathed?

Can one's principles thrive in a system that seems to bend even the strongest minded to its will?

Lucas and Raven are about to find out for themselves.

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She has to call him out on it. “I thought your standards were higher than this.” He follows her movements on the dance floor to position his hands low on her hips. She intuitively places hers on top. “The man I met back in Mykonos had higher ones at least.”

She can vividly remember that he once confessed to her over dinner, Money can corrupt the soul, he said. I want to make enough of it to go by and live a good life, but I won’t make a deal with the Devil to make it happen. He took a bite of his Moussaka. I would rather work for a smaller investment bank and be able to look at myself in the mirror than reaching the highest spheres and helping corrupt people.

How could he have forg—

He drops his voice to a whisper, oscillating his pelvis to the rhythm of the song. “Sorry to disappoint.”

She inattentively trails her fingers along his forearm. “Do you think that everyone who’s here tonight is doing it for the most righteous reasons?”

He snorts. “Of course not.”

“I don’t think so either.” She leans more into his front. “You and I both know that a bunch of them are only here to show that they want to help people, but in their daily lives they only care about profit and themselves. They’re inherently egoistical.” She toys with his matte black skull shaped cufflinks “They’re here because they can deduct it from their taxes. All this hypocrisy is making me cringe.”

He bends down to brush his scruff below her ear. “People do whatever makes sense to them.”

She breathes in to stay composed, deciding to throw him back his own words from years ago. “As long as they can look at themselves in the mirror, right?”

If he picks up on the reminder, he doesn’t let it show. “Something like that. It’s how people roll.” He curls his fingers around her hip bone to bring her flush to him. “Some are still well intentioned.”

She hums.

He’s steadily driving her out of her mind.

Only him could make her feel like dancing that ardently while talking about compelling topics is natural.

She can feel him respond to her as she sways into him in sync with the thumping bass.

Her entire skeleton is screaming at her to do something to release the tension coiling in her belly.

Her mind is shouting that it’s a way too dangerous thought to entertain if she wants to keep her sanity in the long run.

If they continue this, she has no idea which part of her will take over.

She tries to keep her increasingly ragged breathing under control. “The line between having good intentions and genuinely not giving a shit about others is getting blurrier by the second for a slew of people.” She has an urge to feel him caress her bare flesh. She glides his hand down her thigh. “I just couldn’t act that way anymore. Been there, done that, and saw it all before my eyes. I’m never going back.”

About the Author:
M.H. Cali is my pen name. From as long as I can remember, writing has been my biggest creative outlet. There are tales that take hold in my brain, and I have to write them. Which means that when it happens, I sit down and do just that.

The world is complex and flawed, and so are the characters inhabiting the universes I build. In my fiction novels, I thrive fleshing out stories that explore multiple themes within. If you ever read any of my works, you’ll notice that I love writing layered characters, having a diverse cast, and that to me quiet moments are just as important—if not more—than action-packed ones.

Storytelling is all about balance in the emotions and events throughout the narrative. It's my motto.

If I manage to make you feel what the characters are going through, live the events with them, and wonder what is going to happen, then I succeeded.

If you ever give my stories a chance, I hope you enjoy!

Master link for all socials, website & more: http://bio.site/MHCali

Website: http://mhcaliwrites.com
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/40661999.M_H_Cali
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mhcaliwrites/
Twitter (mostly inactive nowadays): https://www.twitter.com/mhcaliwrites
Bluesky handle (for those over there): mhcaliwrites.bsky.social

Link to buy the book on all platforms (ebook or paperback available): https://books2read.com/BalancingEntropy

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