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The Antiquarian



Thrillers & Suspense

Date Published: Sept 9, 2021

As the son of a crofter family young Berend Bouters natural talent finds him in the prestigious Art Academy of Amsterdam. It is early 1900. Everything points to a successful career as an artist, he works along Mondrian, becomes part of the Barbizon movement, until life throws him a curve ball. During the First World War, Holland remains neutral, Berend becomes the owner of a barge and during heart-stopping escapades, smuggles goods to occupied Belgium for which he is richly rewarded. When the war is over, authorities confiscate all his belongings. To rebuild his fortune, he ingeniously schemes to adopt a new identity though Switzerland, he becomes Baron Fernando Del Muntanyes, the famous Antiquarian. But when he becomes involved in the greatest art heist of the century, the theft of a 15th century panel of The Adoration of the Lamb from the St.Bavo cathedral in Ghent, he is relentlessly pursued by the police. Ultimately with the Sicilian mafia and the Belgian police on his tail he spectacularly escapes on board of the Hindenburg Zeppelin to America. It seems to give him a new start, will it?

About the Author

As an adventurer, business man and art-historian, Alfred Balm is a man of many talents. After building a multinational business conglomerate he decided to follow his passion and obtained a degree in Art History. His passion for art and his experience of growing up in Nazi occupied Holland resulted in captivating accounts of what might have happened to one of Holland’s national treasures. His personal experience and his knowledge of art history add additional depth and facts to an excellent work of fiction.


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