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Malice in Miami


Malice in Miami (A Jamie Quinn Mystery #6)Malice in Miami by Barbara Venkataraman
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I have read the Jamie Quinn series and will brag that I know this character from the beginning. I’m going to seem like I’m plagiarizing myself, but I still have to tell you this family-divorce lawyer is still funny and as much of a smart aleck(in her mind only) as she ever was. Boy, do I identify with her…not being a lawyer, not being a character in a book, but definitely being sarcastic, at least silently. Having what my mother used to call a smart mouth :) This time she and Kip are getting pretty serious, but things are different now. Jamie has come to the point that she’s a little worn out of spouses spouting verbal abuses at one another during divorce proceedings. She’s been offered the chance to get into art and manage an art foundation...

If you’ve read any of the other Jamie Quinn books in this series, you won’t be surprised Jamie ends up causing some trouble and/or sticking her foot in it again. These stories are always fun, and they have a good mystery and a certain amount of suspense in them. However, I think it’s Barbara Venkataraman’s characters that steal the show. They all have a sense of humor, and because of her writing you have a definite picture of each one in your mind. As I have read these books, I realized that the author seems to have “grown” her characters as her books progressed. They have changed and grown up a little, become old friends of mine. As much as I love Jamie, her old friend, P.I. Duke Broussard is my favorite. He has not grown up one bit :). He’s still as funny, as sarcastic, and as loveable as ever.

Each book is as enjoyable as the other and each can be read as a stand-alone. But…you’ll want to read them all.

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