Monday, March 6, 2023

My Magical Gnome


Magic is everywhere. You just have to believe.

Follow Edy on his magical adventures into the human world while he tries to save the last Golden Believer left on earth. A magical adventure for young and old alike!


read an excerpt...

She knew that there was something really wrong when she noticed that the gnome in her painting was gone. She had just finished the painting yesterday and went home from the studio and now, the very next day, that same gnome she spent hours working on had completely vanished! Everything else was still there. The owl. The city in the sky. The snail. The hot air balloons and even the lily pads on the water. The only thing that had vanished was the gnome. Was it even possible or was she dreaming?

 my review...

This is indeed a children’s story, but I think it is one to be read to and shared with a small child. A fairy tale to be read as a chapter each night.

It’s a very sweet story and yet intense enough that I think a 3rd grader might enjoy reading it. However, it is a “once upon a time” type of story, something every kid would love to have read to them.

This story of the good gnomes and the evil wizards mixed with the true believer humans is not just delightful, it’s well written and the illustrations are wonderful. A nice book to add to your child’s collection.

about Monika Blichar...

Monika Blichar is a Polish-Canadian artist, entrepreneur and the owner of Monika’s Art Boutique, Art World Expo and Painting Dreams International Art Tours. Monika has been teaching art and languages since 2006 and has a B.A. in English and French with a B.C. College of Teachers accreditation from the University of Victoria, in British Columbia, Canada. Monika is committed to sharing her passion for art with others via projects, community events and artist retreats in Canada and Europe. She paints, designs fashion, has illustrated and written several books, and is host of The Art World Podcast. Monika has also built a team of teachers and facilitators who teach her curriculum, practices and methods to hundreds of students each month in Canada and abroad. In her free time, Monika enjoys traveling, gardening, learning and caring for animals including her dogs, cat, and chickens.



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