Friday, March 17, 2023


Overdue (The McLaren Mysteries Book 17)Overdue by Jo A. Hiestand
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Overdue is the 17th book in this series, and I enjoyed it as much as I have every other one. Being a retired librarian, I fell in love with the title and cover before I even began to read. The weaving of the book clues and hints throughout this story made what is already a good mystery an even more fun and enjoyable read.

This time McLaren is having Melanie, his soon to be hopefully “significant other”, come to stay with him while she searches for possible B&B properties. He has so much going on - house cleaning, cooking, searching out properties for Melanie to look at, and who does he get a call from? His best buddy Jamie begs him for help with a possible serial murder. I’ve read all of the books in this series. Even I know McLaren will help. He might protest a little bit, but he’ll come through.
I won’t say I’m an expert in writing, but I can say I’m always amazed at how the author seems to add the background of this series and weave each character’s life into her story. It never seems repetitive and never one bit obtrusive. Each book she writes becomes a stand-alone and another enjoyable story of Michael McLaren’s feats. This whole series would make a great television series.

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