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81 and Still Learning - Book Tour


With love to 10-year-old Kathryn



Publication Date: February 23, 2023

Publisher: Mindstir Media


I am eighty-one now and still learning! As I look back over the years, I wonder what ten-year-old Kathryn (me) would think if she could see our life in advance. Kathryn, I think you would have been pleased and I am going to enjoy my conversation with you every step of the way. I want to share my learnings, musings, and stories with you. Kathryn, let me bring you up to date. It is hard to believe seventy-one years have gone by since I was your age.

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Kathryn, I don’t mean to imply that life is perfect now or that I no longer have upsets. Being able to ask myself, “Who do I want to be in this situation?” and having some learnings to turn to have been powerful for me.  And so at 81 years of age it is important to me to share those learnings hoping they will be found helpful to those between your(my) age at 10 and my age today.




About the Author

Kathryn Cameron spent over thirty years as a teacher and educational professional. She accepted a challenge from her son to share her wisdom in 81 and Still Learning. Her motivation for the project came from a deep desire for her grandchildren, especially, to know her, her values, and her story in this unique way. Kathryn enjoys duplicate bridge with her friends and online. She lives in Virginia with her husband, Jim, and their rescue cat, Simon.


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Excerpt from "81 and Still Learning"


It was suggested that an endorsement would be appropriate for my book. It is my first book and the only person who has read it is my son, Steve. I was certainly advised that an endorsement by a family member isn’t the norm and easily disregarded. However, I like it and it means a lot to me.

~ Kathy Cameron

Wisdom does not necessarily come with age. Yet so many elders have stories to tell about what they have learned through the lives they had. The stories and the resultant introspection create the wisdom which we can consider for our own lives.

This book is a collection of the stories and learnings from my eighty-one-year-old mother. Just as we all have amazing experiences which can forward the world, Kathryn Cameron has chosen to put these thoughts down for others to explore. She wished for her grandchildren to learn from what she had learned and perhaps even consider their perspectives on what is most important in their lives. By doing so, we all learn more about the woman my children call Grandma.

I, for one, have found myself growing from her perspective and frankly, learning so much about a person I already knew well. I discovered how others contributed to her life and how she contributed to theirs. I am deeply grateful for her commitment to memorialize her amazing life in this book.

~ Stephen Colwell

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