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The Dead-Honest Truth According To Tazz



Literary Fiction

Date Published: May 30, 2023

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This young female narrator, by the name of Tazz Iverson, will convince you that there are unorthodox paths to triumph, even thru gloomy, violent, and wildly unreasonable circumstances, especially those your parents, teachers, or anyone who is supposed to care won’t vouch for. Dead-honest as she is, she will likely make you laugh out loud and challenge you at your core.

Having left her home country, friends and family, and her acceptance to a creative writing course, she searches for fulfillment and revolution against practically everyone, in a holiday resort in Scotland. Her growing contempt, unrecognized brilliance, and unfulfilled gifts and desires send her from one shithole to the next. There is a straightforwardness to the narration that makes us really understand her when no one else does, which makes this character study so engaging. This is not an easy character, but the honesty she gives us is handed right to the reader with the stomach to discuss it.

About the Author

ANJA HØVIK STRØMSTED is an author, filmmaker, and artist of works of fiction, short and feature films, music and music videos, photography, and visual arts. She has studied Creative Writing at Gothenburg University Valand School of Fine Arts and Film Production at New York University Tisch School of the Arts. “The Dead-Honest Truth According to Tazz ”, is her first novel.


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