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Collectors, Cats & Murder

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My review...Book 4 - Collectors, Cats & Murder

Another really fun book from Kathy Manos Penn. You know how sometimes when you talk to your dog and/or cat you could swear they know what you’re saying? Well this mystery has some pretty special  pets and Leta, the main character, communicates well with them.

This is a small cozy full of British humor and more importantly in my mind...full of books. You wouldn’t have to be a book connoisseur to enjoy the mystery. I love all types of cozies, but I must say you will enjoy the reference to the book titles, the puns, and the little bits of occasional sarcasm if you love books. This is a good mystery with a little more depth than a cozy. No matter your preferences, this is a fun read with some good laughs.

I love the LOL Detective Agency and I’m not going to tell you what it stands for. I’m going to be stubborn and insist you do a little detective work yourself. You’ll have to read a few more Dickens & Christie books but let me tell you, every member of the Agency is as fun as the main characters. Manos Penn gives us enough everyday life descriptions to enjoy their personalities be they quirky or not.

As I’ve said this was a fun, quick read for me. It got even better when I realized Leta was just like me...surfing FB now and then and playing WWF. We could be sisters!

Collectors, Cats & Murder is Book four of a series titled “A Dickens & Christie Mystery”. All of the titles in this series have good reviews and...I hope we’ll “hear” from Dickens & Christie again.

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Kathy Manos Penn

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