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Can Machines Bring Peace?

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Can a machine bring peace? Or are humans built for war?


450 years after Earth was bombed back to the Stone Age, a young diplomat searches for lost human settlements. Kazimir Sakhalinsk narrowly escapes an exploration mission gone wrong and searches for ways to make future missions safer for his people. A festival introduces him to the Marvelous Thinking Machine.


A machine Kazimir believes can change everything


For his admiral it’s nothing more than a silly fairground gimmick. But Kazimir is convinced. Convinced enough to go against orders and build one of his own. Convinced enough to think he can bring peace. Convinced enough to think humanity is worth saving. What if he’s wrong?


He asks his hikikomori sister, a retired professor filling her empty days, the owner of the festival machine and the admiral’s daughter for help. Will that be enough?

my review...

I really enjoyed the overall plot and story here. This is a really good Sci-Fi. One that is written around the things that could someday be a reality, or at least this book makes us think about it.  In fact, this story sometimes  made me forget it was fiction.  I found myself running to the computer to look up and/or research something the author had written about. A sci-fi book that makes it difficult to discern fact from fiction is what I’ll describe as a really good science fiction book.

There were a few places where I thought the writing became academic in its color. It slowed down or made a hiccup in the flow of my reading. Then again, this is a very scientific subject to write about.

A good debut novel. I hope we’ll see more from Floor Kist.

read an excerpt...

Aisake sees Kazimir at the kissaten, eating a bowl of rice and a roll. Aisake’s stomach gurgles. He hasn’t eaten since yesterday. Nothing in Kazimir’s demeanor suggests he is hiding accomplices, no nervousness, no sneaky peeks at hiding places. Had it been anyone else, then Aisake would have spun around and left quickly. But he saw Kazimir respond to the Marvelous Thinking Machine. He wants something. And he’s probably willing to pay for it. ‘A meal for today, at least’, Aisake imagines as he walks toward the open seat.

Aisake is surprised Kazimir stands as he approaches. ‘Hmm, maybe even two meals today.’

“Mr. Tūmatarau, thank you for taking the time for me,” Kazimir says, making a short bow.

Kazimir eagerly sits down. “Mr. Tūmatarau, perhaps you remember me. I visited the Marvelous Thinking Machine during the festival.” Aisake grunts, looking around bored.

“Well, I’m trying to build a Thinking Machine myself, and I was hoping you could advise me on how to proceed.”

Aisake makes sure to eat his food slowly, as if considering what Kazimir says. He can’t believe this continental is actually trying to build a real thinking machine. Is that at all possible? But the opportunity is too good to pass up. If he plays his cards right, there will be much more than a meal, much much more.

“We’ve already constructed a geo-demographic module, and presently we are working on a settlers network module. But our progress is slow. Would you give us the benefit of your experience?”

Aisake orders tamagoyaki. All the while, he tries to find the best way to make this work. If they are really building a thinking machine, maybe Aisake can use it as well. ‘If their progress is slow, let’s keep it that way.’

about Floor Kist...

Floor Kist lives in a Dutch town called Voorburg with his wife, two sons, two cats and their dog Monty. He is currently deputy-mayor for the Green Party and an AI researcher. He’s concerned about current divisive public and political debates. But he’s also interested in how AI can be used to resolve society’s big issues.

This is his first novel. He’s been carrying the idea about a story about AI bringing peace for a long time. The Covid-19 lockdown in the Netherlands suddenly gave him time to actually write it.

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  1. Hi Kathy, thank you for your review. There's no greater compliment than that the book made you forget it's fiction. Wow!
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  2. This book looks like a great read!

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