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Haunted Water


another great book from the McLaren series...

My Review...

In Haunted Water, the newest book in the McLaren series, Michael McLaren has become serious enough about his friend Melanie to visit her. Whether she is more than a close friend is something I’m not even sure McLaren knows. She will most certainly have to be a patient friend because once again McLaren gets a call to investigate a murder. It’s not the same as most murders though. His best mate, Detective Jamie Kydd, wants him to try and prove the innocence of a nephew of McLaren’s most hated nemesis, Charlie Harvester.  I’ve described McLaren as a softie yet a curmudgeon in earlier books. In this book his sister describes his occasional bear-like attitude as his “growlings”. A much better description than I could have come up with. Nonetheless, he cannot pass up helping someone even if they are related to one of the meanest, most selfish men that ever lived.

Jo Hiestand starts right off making each book in this series a stand-alone. Sneaking in background and the history of her characters through dialog and description. When McLaren’s buddy Jamie calls for help, even their banter gives you a picture of what has occurred previously in the series. And yet, to a reader like me who hasn’t missed one book, it seems varied every time. It’s why I call it sneaking. Never once have I thought “oh no she’s going to tell it again”.

The setting of this book is in another small village; this one touristy only in certain seasons, and built near a mere (a lake) that is thought to be haunted. Hiestand does not miss a chance to use her skill with descriptive writing. She set me right down in the beautiful place and built a mystery around me. Once more, a well-written great mystery to curl up with.

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