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 How to succeed as a Leader Through Self-Coaching

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Date Published: February 9, 2024


Every leader would like to have a personal coach who could challenge their thinking, provide useful and timely advice, and help them explore options for tackling their toughest leadership challenges. Although not everyone has access to a professional coach, now there is a useful alternative. Bootstrap is like having your own portable coach in book form. It's a self-development guide that based on the author's forty-plus years of applied experience as an executive coach and talent development executive. It includes thought-provoking questions and sage advice, along with tools and techniques that you can immediately apply to increase your success as a leader and achieve your career goals. Bootstrap will show you how to effectively leverage your unique strengths to perform at your best within any organizational setting.

To accomplish this, Bootstrap will introduce you to 10 key questions that will help you gain insight into your leadership strengths, challenges, and goals. You will also learn techniques for accelerating your development as a leader, along with models and tools that make self-coaching easy to understand and apply, and exercises for putting your new learning into practice. Finally, throughout the book you will encounter case histories that illustrate how these self-coaching methods have been successfully applied by other leaders.


About the Author

Dr. Robert Barner has over 40 years of experience as both a corporate leadership development executive and a leadership coach, and is the author of several books on coaching and leadership development.


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