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Grim Road MC, Book 1

Motorcycle Club Romance

Date to be Published: 2/9/24

Publisher: Changeling Press


Rocket: My life pretty much took a hard left a year ago when I first met Lemon. She’s wise beyond her years and as abrasive and sarcastic as they come. The second she busts my VP’s balls -- literally -- I know I’d never be able to forget her. A year later I’m still infatuated with the vicious woman. When she runs off to charge hell with a water pistol, I’m right behind her wondering how we’re gonna get out of this one alive. But I have a smile on my face and a determination to give this woman anything she wants. Even if it means some things in my club are going to have to change.

Lemon: Look. This is supposed to be all about how Rocket caught my eye and I decided I wanted him but there were obstacles and… phfffffff… Forget all that. What you need to know is when people are stupid, they need a kick in the… Crap. I’m not supposed to swear here. Grrrrr! Anyway, this is where I come in. Grim Road needs fixing. I’m not exactly qualified to do club… garbage, but Rocket? Yeah. I might have decided I’ll keep him, so… I’m great at whipping people into shape. Grim Road, meet Lemon. See me, love me, MF’ers.

Rocket: Just pass me the beer and popcorn…

WARNING: Rocket includes scenes of graphic violence and adult situations including that may be triggers for some readers. There’s also a protective hero, a determined heroine, and eventual happy ending. No cheating, as always.



Copyright Marteeka Karland


I looked around, making sure I had a handle on our surroundings. If things went south, our best bet was to get back in the truck and do our best to get the hell outta Dodge. I had no idea if the thing was bulletproof -- knowing the Iron Tzars, there was every possibility it was -- but we’d have to keep our heads down and book it as hard as we could. If I ran over someone in the process? Fuck ‘em.

“Get that look off your face, girl.” Rocket stepped closer to us, his gaze focused squarely on me. “We ain’t gonna pounce on you. You’re here to let Scarlet get anything she wants that she left behind, and to talk to Sunshine and Rainbow.”

“We’re here to take Sunshine and Rainbow with us,” I snapped before anyone could say anything else. “Not leavin’ ‘em here.”

“You will if they don’t want to go.” Rocket didn’t raise his voice or even look angry. His features were mild. Reasonable even.

“Scarlet’s their guardian now. They’ll go where she says.” I stuck my chin up. I thought I heard Mars groan, but I didn’t dare take my gaze from Rocket to make sure.

“They’re old enough to make up their minds what they want to do. If they don’t want to leave Grim Road, I’ll look after them.”

“Not on your fuckin’ life.” I bared my teeth at Rocket who looked amused. Which just pissed me the fuck off. “How ‘bout I wipe that smug grin off your fuckin’ face.”

That got a couple chuckles from the members of Grim Road nearby.

“That one’s askin’ for a whoopin’, Prez. You gonna teach her some manners?”

“Yep.” Rocket crossed his muscled arms over his massive chest. He wore jeans and a leather cut without a shirt under it so he showed off a lot of muscle and tattooed skin. “Just not now. She ain’t old enough.”

“Like fuck you are.” I took a step toward Rocket, fully intending to give him more of what I’d given him last night but Mars held out his arm to prevent me from going around him.

“Just calm down, Lemon. He’s baiting you.”

“Lemon?” Bear barked out a laugh. “Her name’s Lemon.” It wasn’t phrased as a question.

“You got a problem with that, fuckwit?” I ignored Mars. I knew they were baiting me. Of all of Scarlet’s protectors, I was the weak link and they were testing my boundaries and how far they could push me.

“I got a problem with your mouth. Maybe there’s somethin’ else you could do with it.”

“Bear,” Rocket growled, his facial expression changing like someone had flipped a switch. “She’s underage.”

“Yeah?” I plowed on, ignoring Rocket. “Try it. See what body part you lose, you freak.”

Bear leaned forward in my direction but didn’t actually commit to taking the full step. Then he pointed at me. “Your day’s comin, lil’ bit.”

I sneered, looking the big man up and down like a princess eyeing a filthy peasant who’d been mucking out the pig barn. “Not from you.”

“Can we please get a move on?” Brick actually raised his voice. That was new. Usually, he just growled or snarled and everyone jumped to do his bidding. Well, everyone except Serelda. He never used his growly voice with her.

“Sure. Soon as the Neanderthal gets the fuck outta the way.” I gave Bear a cheerful wave.

“Glad that one’s leavin’,” he muttered as he stepped back. “Someone needs to teach her some manners.”

“I only use manners with people who earn that respect from me.”

“Which is to say no one.” I thought that was Smoke, but the man didn’t know me that well. OK, so maybe he did. ‘Cause yeah. Manners were for pussies.

About the Author

International bestselling author Marteeka Karland leads a double life as an erotic romance writer by evening and a semi-domesticated housewife by day. Known for her down and dirty MC romances, Marteeka takes pleasure in spinning tales of tenacious, protective heroes and spirited, vulnerable heroines. She staunchly advocates that every character deserves a blissful ending, even, sometimes, the villains in her narratives. Her writings are speckled with intense, raw elements resulting in page-turning delight entwined with seductive escapades leading up to gratifying conclusions that elicit a sigh from her readers.

Away from the pen, Marteeka finds joy in baking and supporting her husband with their gardening activities. The late summer season is set aside for preserving the delightful harvest that springs from their combined efforts (which is mostly his efforts, but you can count it). To stay updated with Marteeka's latest adventures and forthcoming books, make sure to visit her website. Don't forget to register for her newsletter which will pepper you with a potpourri of Teeka's beloved recipes, book suggestions, autograph events, and a plethora of interesting tidbits.

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