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Hudson at the Track

 Discover the importance of safety gear, perseverance, and bike maintenance in this thrilling motocross adventure. Let the story be the starting point of your child`s imagination. Encourage them to step outside of the book into the world of motocross where they set the limits and make anything possible.

 My review...

An excellent book about dirt bike riding. While this is very readable, it is also very responsible for teaching kids the safe way to ride dirt bikes. It’s even a particularly good reminder for parents about all of the proper safety equipment. It is about racing a dirt bike, but it is pertinent in any situation.

The illustrations are as fun as can be here. One thing that really made me feel this was well put together is that the print is quite large. Not the size of print that a children’s book would be but large, clear, and easy-to-read. This brings up the discussion of the age this book is well-suited for. I think any age can learn from it and still enjoy the story. I really think this can be an early reader. It can easily be read with a young child, and every bit of it should be discussed with them. This might be about safety on a dirt bike at a track, but there are plenty of useful tips here about safety in all situations on a bike.

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Alexis Levesque is from Québec, Canada, and always had an interest in motocross. Fueled by this passion, he embarked on a creative journey to craft a children's book centered around motocross, featuring his son Hudson as the main character. Today, Alexis, along with his family of four, resides in New Brunswick, Canada.



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  1. This looks like a fun read. Thanks for hosting this tour.

  2. How do you maintain the motivation and discipline needed to write regularly?


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