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The Swim


The Swim: A McLaren Crossed Paths PrequelThe Swim: A McLaren Crossed Paths Prequel by Jo A. Hiestand
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Swim is a prequel telling us about the life of one of my most favorite characters ever…Michael McLaren. The McLaren series is crafted around Michael McLaren, an ex-cop, moody, and yet tough and caring. He’s a solver of crimes and an advocate of justice. He isn’t disliked by cops by any means. He did something they all wished they had done, but he sure suffered for his actions.
I sometimes think of a prequel as a short story, and yet that is not what this is. This is a complete story of McLaren. Aside from enjoyment, reading this prequel accomplishes other things. The two most blatant are giving you an idea of the wonderful character and his friends the author has developed, and it gives you an insight into the talent of her writing.

There are 18 books in the McLaren series. If you plan to read that much you most certainly want a talented author. I know you'll enjoy it. I also know it will make you want to read more about Michael McLaren and his cases.

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