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Relation Sh*t - Book Tour


A Practical Guide to Stepping Out of Fear, Navigating Big Relationship Change, and Living Your Best Life

Relationships, Self-Help

Date Published: September 2023

 All the sh*t you need to know about getting a divorce, packed into one little book.


BONUS: There’s no screaming, fighting, spending days or weeks in a courtroom, or blowing thousands of dollars on attorneys. And spoiler alert: this one has a happy ending.


* The tools you need to get you through the divorce process and beyond.

* How to tell your partner (and your kids), “I want a divorce.”

* How to find an attorney that’s right for you.

* An alternative path to making a divorce happen—without burning down the house!

* How to keep respecting and supporting each other, up to the very end.

* And so much more sh*t . . .

RELATIONSH*T is your guide to the divorce you’ve never heard of. Big change doesn’t have to be so hard. Your courage is the only path to your dreams. So set aside the fear, pick up this book, and walk toward your dream life.

Through years of therapy, a loving support group of girlfriends, and her own intuition, Brooke Box blazed a new trail through the divorce process. After 20 years of marriage, Brooke found the courage to end it. Instead of going the traditional route of divorce, she and her spouse forged a new path. This book is your guide to getting through the divorce process with love and respect—and, if you’re lucky, just one attorney.

This is Brooke’s story of finally releasing the fear and walking toward her best life. Let her story be your own guide to a more exciting, fulfilling life!

Divorce doesn’t have to mean war.

Two people can break up AND divide up their lives amicably.

And YOU have the courage within you to make this major relationship change.

Read an Excerpt Below...

About the Author

Brooke Box is a proud survivor of an amicable divorce. Based on her divorce experience and the advice of many friends, colleagues, and even strangers, she’s written Relationsh*t to assist people going through one of the most difficult life changes. She attributes her divorce success in part to a decades-long love affair with personal growth and development. She is a huge fan of therapy.

Brooke’s approach to life is honest, direct, and straightforward, and this book is no different. Brooke takes her experience and outlines an alternative approach to divorce that will empower and motivate her readers. Brooke believes we all deserve a life of our dreams and that we have the potential to create that life ourselves. That’s why she wrote this book and is dedicated to creating a community where people know they’re not alone, where they can get unstuck, release the fear, and start building the lives they’ve always dreamed of.

Before writing this book, Brooke enjoyed a successful sales career in a variety of industries such as tech, music, fashion, and sports. She loves to travel, is a french fry connoisseur, and will stop anywhere for a margarita. You can find Brooke in Texas, typically surrounded by family and friends.

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Excerpt from "Relation Sh*t"

Christopher Robin: “If ever there’s a tomorrow when we’re not together, there’s something you must remember.” Winnie the Pooh: “And what might that be, Christopher Robin?” Christopher Robin: “You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

— Pooh’s Grand Adventure

 Who you marry is the most important personal decision you’ll make in your life.

That’s a pretty bold statement, and I stand by it.

Here’s an even bolder statement: when choosing your spouse, imagine divorcing him.

Seriously, imagine it. What kind of man is he? Is he kind? Is he generous? Does he see you as an equal? Will he honor and respect you even though the marriage is ending? How does he behave in a fight?

I could go on and on with the questions, but you get the point. And I realize this is the opposite of romantic. This isn’t likely a consideration you make as you’re dating, or even once you decide to get married. But it should be.

My story is what I refer to as fairytale-ish. I met John when I was twenty-two, in our final year of college. He was handsome, smart, funny, and unique, and he had a little bit of bad boy in him. We fell in love quickly. In fact, he blew off a graduation trip to Europe to surprise me in Mexico. I was in school in Cuernavaca, and he showed up on a random Monday afternoon. I dropped out of the school I was attending, and we traveled through Mexico together. No one knew where we were or what we were doing. Looking back, it was pretty stupid of us. But at the time, as young people in love, it was wildly romantic.

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