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Murderous Means


Corrie Locke may not be the best rookie lawyer in Southern California, but when it comes to catching a killer, she’s got the skills to bring a band of shifty-eyed suspects to their knees.

When the wealthy matriarch of the dysfunctional Means family dies in her sleep...

the family is convinced her death was anything but peaceful. They hire Corrie to prove it, but the only evidence they have to go on is a psychic’s half-baked vision that it was murder. To put the matter to rest, Corrie sets her sights on proving the psychic is a fraud. After all, everyone knows psychics are crack-pots, don’t they?
But what should be a simple investigation morphs into something deadly. The deeper Corrie digs, the more bizarre clues are revealed, and a possible witness is found dead. As tempers rise, it is up to Corrie to catch a killer…who’s about to strike again.

My review...

I have read several of the books from this Southern California Mystery series by Lida Sideris. Not one of them has disappointed and Murderous Means is no different. This time Corrie Locke, a private investigator, and her team are looking into the death of a wealthy female. I should say a wealthy female with lots of family and, you got it…they don’t much care “who dun it,” they want her money.

This is an easy read but most of the reason it flies by is because of the characters. Lida Sideris is good at building characters, quirky characters, but nonetheless, good ones. The humor makes this such a fun read. I hope we get to see more of Corrie and her cohorts.

read an excerpt...

Tiny beads of pain crashed together in my head like bumper cars made of steel. It felt like I’d emerged from a deep slumber. I lifted my leaden head. I lay sprawled in the middle of a field. Did I lose consciousness?

My fingers crept to my belt buckle, and I slipped the Japanese throwing star into my palm, relishing the shuriken’s cold metal and sharp points. I caught my breath. A flashlight illuminated the night. A dozen goats huddled together a good thirty feet away, their backs to me. A deep voice stirred the air. I couldn’t make out the words. Who was talking?

A large man stood near the goats, light beam in one hand, while the other dangled a pistol. As he shooed away the livestock, I lowered my head and stiffened. What was it Dad used to say?

A problem presents an opportunity to turn things around.

The guy trekked closer, stopping a few feet short of me. He smelled faintly of tobacco and beer. Shoving aside the pain, I jumped to my feet, only it was more like I heaved myself to a crouching position, shuriken ready. I sucked in a breath and sprang forward, straightening up enough to press my throwing star against his thick neck. Meanwhile, he stuck the muzzle of his gun to my side.

“Steady now, young lady.” His voice was a baritone growl that rustled the weeds. His crinkly blue gaze lit up like sparklers. “I’m going to lower my gun the same time you lower that sharp pointy thing. I know you broke inside the house tonight, but I’m willing to give you a chance to explain before I call the police.”

“Before you what?” I pressed the star deeper, a whisker away from drawing blood. “Who are you?”

 about Lida Sideris...

Lida Sideris is the author of the Southern California Mysteries. Slightly edgier than the usual cozy mystery, the series is loosely based on the author’s former life, working as an entertainment attorney for a movie studio…kind of like her heroine, Corrie Locke... except without the homicides. Lida is a recipient of the Helen McCloy Mystery Writers of America Scholarship Award and a 2x Killer Nashville, Silver Falchion Award finalist. She lives in the northern tip of Southern California with her family, rescue dogs, and a flock of uppity chickens. 

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Twitter: @lidasideris

Instagram: @lida_sideris

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