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Dying Inside


 Literary Fiction / Family Life / Novella

Date Published: 12-30-2021


Childhood can be so very difficult! What is supposed to be a period in one’s life defined by innocence and happiness can alternately become a living nightmare for unlucky souls.

Imagine being in foster care. Imagine not feeling loved or connected to anyone. Imagine lonely Christmases, birthdays, Mothers’ Days, and Fathers’ Days. Imagine suffering through the trauma associated with repeated physical, psychological, and even sexual abuse at the hands of your supposed caretakers, while simultaneously seeking and longing for the love and devotion a young child deserves.

About the Author

Rose Campbell is a multi-talented entrepreneur, blogger and publicist, passionate about providing support for mothers and their families. With a strong background in business ownership, lifestyle blogging and public relations, Rose has been able to use her expertise and influence to champion mothers in areas of extreme importance such as postpartum depression, childhood mortality and partnering with nonprofits and organizations to create significant change to support parents where they need it most. With over 2 million followers on social media, Rose's influence extends far beyond her personal life experiences.

Rose's passion for helping others stems from her difficult upbringing as a foster child. She faced trafficking and overcame numerous hardships, but today, at just 28 years old, she has emerged as a successful entrepreneur. She is a proud mother of six children and is happily married to John, her husband of 10 years.

As the founder of the Dying Inside Nonprofit, Rose focuses her efforts on helping trafficked teens and foster children who may not have the support they need to succeed. Her organization offers a wide range of rehabilitation programs and resources that teach life skills like cooking and caring for animals that often serve as a powerful form of therapy. The nonprofit also focuses on mental health and healing from trauma, enabling these children to grow into successful adults with bright futures.

In addition to her nonprofit work, Rose was a co-host of Stork's Nursery, a popular YouTube reality nursery design show, where she used her skills and experience to design and build dream nurseries for families. Her career has centered around helping women grow their businesses and teaching them how to turn their passions into passive income. With a strong focus on entrepreneurship and support for mothers and their families, Rose is a beacon of hope and a true inspiration to people around the world.

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