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Trygg The Dinosaur

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Trygg and Alta are two young dinosaurs from opposite sides of the floodplain.
He's small in size and all alone in the world. He's looking for some meat to eat.

She's large and tall, and she hasn't seen her parents in days. She's looking for some plants to eat.
Could they really become friends?
This story takes place seventy-six million years ago, but good friendships can last forever.
Not that it is ever easy.
The hardest part is to stay loyal to each other in spite of what the rest of the herd thinks.

my review...

I think this is a story that might surprise you. Because of its title, even its cover, someone might think it’s a children’s book. While I am sure middle grade readers would enjoy it, there can be no question that YA readers will too. This is a rather sophisticated story about two orphans. Ok, maybe they are dinosaurs, but they are nonetheless orphans. Kid orphans, dealing with the same traumas we all deal with. They have different likes and dislikes. They both long to have someone that loves them like a parent. One has a disability, so no one wants to be her friend. The other is very different so is not always excepted by others. Life, huh?

Sounds like a novel, doesn’t it? It does have those difficult situations in real life to handle, but it reads easily and can make you magically move from one world to another. This book comes from an author who has had great experiences both in film making and writing. Now she has created a delightful story filled with dinosaurs for middle grade readers but one that touches on issues we must all deal with. A great YA book. But...also a read for middle grade kids that gives parents a chance to discuss everyday issues we all must face. What more could we ask? Don’t miss the opportunity.

read an excerpt...

He had to get out. There was no more room for him inside his egg. The top of the shell had a small crack, so he pushed his snout against it and made a large enough opening to finally poke his head free. He stopped to catch his breath, but his feathers were wet, and the air made him shiver. As soon as possible, he needed to get into the sun to warm up. He quickly smashed the bottom of the egg by scratching at it with his back claws, then he wiggled all the way out. What a relief it was to uncurl his legs and stretch out his tail. 

Dark green eggs, just like his, filled the nest. So far, he was the only little dinosaur to hatch. But maybe there were others beyond the wall of his nest. He had to take a look. By reaching high with his hands, he was able to hook his fingers into the dried mud of the rim. His arms were so skinny he could see the shape of his bones under the skin, but he found the strength to pull himself up. His legs wobbled a bit, then they settled, and he stood for the very first time.

“Anybody there?” he called out.

No one answered. He was alone. And he was surrounded by water. His nest sat on an island in the middle of a shallow lake. At least it had been built on top of a mound of earth, so it seemed safe. All was quiet except for the rippling of the small waves.

about Paula Louise Salvador...

Paula Louise Salvador has had great adventures as a documentary film maker and writer. The scariest was when she stood under the ribs of a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton – in the dark! The most fun was filming dinosaur dig-sites from a helicopter. On the dangerous side, she had to dodge alligators in Mississippi – and keep all fingers and toes out of the water.

Paula has met fascinating people, particularly jazz legend Oscar Peterson and composer Philip Glass, who performed in her show on electronic music. 

In “BUILD GREEN” for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s “THE NATURE OF THINGS”, Paula and Dr. David Suzuki visited rock star Randy Bachman’s super sustainable house. (He played his guitar for us.)

Finally, it was a tiny dinosaur that captured Paula’s heart. For her documentary “DINOSAUR BABIES The North American Story”, Paula held the fossilized egg of a little Troödon. He was curled up inside, just about to hatch. (His leg bones looked like a chicken’s.) That’s where Paula’s story of Trygg begins. 

Paula has a Masters in French Literature from l’Université de Provence, France and a Bachelor of Arts (including Children’s Literature) from McGill University, Canada.

















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  1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful and insightful review. Trygg and Alta and Paula

    1. It's easy to write a review when it's about a good book! Best of luck with your book.

  2. I just love your cover and I would love to read your book.

  3. Thank you for sharing your wonderful review of this book, my grand children's ages are between one and eighteen years old so I'm sure that this story would be perfect for some of them at least


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