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1956 Love & Revolution


1956 Love & Revolution1956 Love & Revolution by J.A. Boulet
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you ever look at my rating definitions, you’ll see that I think 5-star books are very special. One of the things I mention they need is what I call “snatch and grab”. That’s exactly what this book did. From the beginning page of a lonely Hungarian woman leaving her cleaning job in the deep of night, the author had my attention. I just didn’t really stop from then on.

Families were so torn apart during the Hungarian Revolution. They were poor and hungry and had no idea who to trust, who to talk to. Most weren’t sure whether a person in a uniform was a Russian soldier, Hungarian Police, or a member of the AVH (secret police). Most any of them would turn you in or kill you or your loved ones.

This is a book of fiction. One filled with hardships, war, ugliness, and love. But I have read this author before, and she has a great blend of accuracy combined with descriptive writing. The story is intense, making you want to read ahead. Yet the history is so well researched, you’ll be running to your computer to learn more about the Hungarian Revolution.

The previous books I read by the author were a series, “The Olason Chronicles”. This is a stand-alone. I do hope it’s the beginning of a series. Boulet creates the kind of characters you love, and I would hate to never hear of them again. Actually, I don’t think she has a book I’ve read that wouldn’t make an excellent movie.

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