Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Patroosh, the Hungry Pelican

Pancakes, milkshakes, fish and chips galore... Patroosh the hungry pelican will enjoy all four. Especially if there's ketchup he can pour.

 With Seamus the seagull by his side, always there to help decide.

 Will these two feathered friends find what they want for lunch?

 They're feeling peckish and do enjoy a good munch.

 What could be in store for diners today at their favourite marina café?

 My review…

 This is as cute as can be. Pelicans swooping and taking food from patrons at a river restaurant. All kinds of giggles.

The other book I read by this author had the same type of singsong prose making it easy to read and easy for a child to listen to. The illustrations are as fun as the story.

One of those purchases that you’ll get your money out of by reading over again. This one’s fun. Take a look at the excerpt. I can visualize you doing the “SQUAWK SQUAWK SQUAAAAAAAAWK” for your child. But watch out…you know how kids are, you might have to read it to them a lot of times :)


Read an excerpt…

Patroosh, the pelican, and Seamus, the seagull, are bobbing along, paddling their feet and singing their boisterous bird song. SQUAWK SQUAWK SQUAAAAAAAAWK.

Ah, this is the life,” bursts out Seamus with glee, then Patroosh does something funny, yelling,

“Look at me, look at me!

about Renee James…

Renée James comes from a background in communications and the commercial television industry. She has worked on a variety of creative projects both nationally and internationally.

She loves nothing more than spending time with family and friends, which includes their much-loved dog. She is passionate about travel, beach days, and, of course, story-time. Her children are the bee's knees as they're constant reminders to be present, and always make time to play.



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