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Blood Ties Series


Blood Ties 
Blood Ties Series Book 1 
by K.L. Lamar 
Genre: Mystery, Thriller 

Great hitman, devoted brother, and reluctant father.

Jason finds out he’s going to be a dad, so he vows to leave his dangerous job behind, His good intentions evaporate like mist when his brother is murdered. All the clues points to two crime lords, but one wrong move and Jason is next.

He finds his moral compass has shifted when he delves into the underworld of crime during a war between the two biggest drug cartels of the north and south. Things become complicated when he learns that everything, he knows was a lie.

If you like author’s in the vein of James Patterson and Lisa Jackson, then you will love this new series by K.L. Lamar. Buy this exciting crime novel and read it now! 

Blood Secrets 
Blood Ties Series Book 2 

An assassin who has shed his blood to hide the truth, must trust a crime lord with a hidden agenda but will he survive an invisible enemy bent on revenge.

Jason Wright has shed blood to keep the truth from being revealed. He’s left his past behind and has begun a new lease on life. When his skeletons come out the closet, and he is on verge of losing everything and everyone he holds dear. The past has come knocking on his door. Now the assassin becomes the hunted. Jason finds himself in the crosshairs of life’s confusion. Can Jason vanquish the enemy and save his loved ones, or will he be forced to watch them die before his life is forfeited?
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I don’t think you can read one of these book without the other. This is not because they can’t be read as a stand-alone. Either one can be. But that’s not my point. My point is this character, Jason Wright. This is one of those few characters that pull you in and make you want to read more and more about their lives. Actually, no different than those few friends in your life. That’s what K.L. Lamar has done. Made you intimately care about a fictional character. Made them come alive. That’s good writing.

Both stories are well-written and not terribly unrealistic. Both will touch you with their family ties and will shock you with the ends a person will go to both for revenge and for love.

These are both definite sit on the edge of your seat thrillers. In researching it looks to me like this may be a debut series for K. L. Lamar. Blood Ties is Book 1 in a series called “A Jason Wright Novel”. Book 2, also listed here is titled Blood Secrets. Looks to me like we’d better hope for Book 3!

K L. Lamar lives with her family in the South and a dog who is plotting to off her one day. K. L. Lamar writes thrillers, mysteries, and suspense novels. After years of voracious reading, her teacher told her mother when she was younger that she was destined to be a writer.
When she's not reading, writing, or traveling, you can find her on the ocean somewhere, sailing the high tides. 

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