Tuesday, September 13, 2022

The Great Messy Multicoloured Monstrous Yarn Monster

 What happens to Grandma's house when she doesn't tidy up? Well, you're about to find out. And it's . . . rather dangerous! Thank goodness Owen and Bandit are there. They have ultra-special skills, but they will have to be extra brave to save the day, and Grandma! Will they win the epic battle?


my review...

Hahaha. What a great book. I hope it isn’t insulting to the author, but the illustrations are as good as the story. In fact, it takes them both to make this wonderful story for children. This is a book that young children could read, but it’s also one that would be as fun to read together with an adult.

This is also laid out so well. With all of its busy bright and fun illustrations, it’s never difficult to read. Even what the characters are saying is often in bold.

If I sounds like I’m going on and on, I am. I’m overwhelmed. This is a winner.  

read an excerpt...

“Grandmaaaaaaaaa! Are you in there?”

Grandma usually answered the door on the first buzz.

She was nearly always close by, making fresh orange juice for Owen's arrival from school. Owen liked his afternoons with Grandma before he had to go home and do homework, eat his spinach, clean his room and other such booooring things.

Bzzzt... BZZZZZZT! Where was Grandma?

Owen wanted his oatmeal-choco-blast-moon-pie cookies too.

Bzzzt... BZZZZZZT!

Still, no Grandma.

Tired of waiting in the cold, Owen turned the frozen handle. The door clicked open and he stepped inside.



Not a creak. Not a sound.


 about Andrea Pukteris...

 Andrea Pukteris has a big imagination, and sometimes it gets her into trouble. Sometimes she writes books about it instead. Andrea lives in Montreal with her partner, two kids, a dog, a bird and the many monsters they create. Check out her other adventures at www.rockamoly.com.




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