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Volume 1 Old Testament

A Book of Divine Understanding!

Nonfiction / Religion / Biblical Studies

Date Published: June 6, 2023

 Publisher: Clay Bridges

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Are you ready to be filled with the light of life? If so, I would like to introduce you to the world of Divine Context. Divine Context is a world where the word of God is opened and revealed in the context of divinity. Scriptures, situations, and events within the Bible that have been unexplained for generations are revealed with detail and confirmed by the scriptures. Divine Context will introduce you to the truth of the scriptures and to the knowledge of God that will help to reveal the long-hidden mysteries of the Bible. It is a book of understanding that is not based on man’s ideology, cultural opinion, nor traditional religious doctrines. If you are ready and willing to find sincere guidance, you will enjoy the comfort of Divine Context,  and you will not be disappointed for this small glimpse into the world of heavenly enlightenment. God Speed!

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About the Author

Angelo was born and raised in Lake Placid, Florida. He graduated from Lake Placid High in 1991. Angelo holds an Associate of Arts and Biblical Studies degree from Belhaven University and lives in the Orlando, Florida area with his wife Tamekia. They have 8 children and 12 wonderful grandchildren. Angelo was called into the ministry in 1999. For the last 24 years, he has dedicated his efforts to teaching the true context of God's holy word. Called of God to teach the word, Angelo believes that in order to truly understand our relationship with God, we must first understand the true context of God's holy word.

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Excerpt from "Divine Context"

1) Divine Context is the mysterious gates of heaven being unlocked
so that the wisdom of God can enter our minds and settle
our thoughts. Divine Context is the truth of what we think
we know and the revelation of what we need to understand. DIVINE
CONTEXT (Vol. 1) is a book of understanding that shines light on
certain scriptures, particular events, and familiar situations that are
within the Old Testament of the Bible. Although the substance of
each scripture, event, and situation may have its origins within the Old Testament, the interpretations thereof are not entirely subjected to the Old Testament. In order to give precise detail to the revelation of each scripture, event, and situation, the entire Bible will be utilized for the purpose of revealing that the interpretations are of God and not of man.

The Old Testament is a shadow of the New, and the New Testament
is the manifested glory that has always been hidden within the Old.
Attempting to explain the Old Testament without the New Testament
will only lead to uncertainty and debate. The Old Testament and the New Testament are the narrators of this book. Therefore, the interpretations thereof should not be accounted to man’s wisdom, nor wisdom that is formulated to further one’s own opinion. DIVINE CONTEXT (Vol.1) is written to help settle our thoughts and reinforce our belief in God’s word.

2) Forty days was just too much. The people could not take it anymore. They were all stuck out in the wilderness eating manna for bread and quails for meat (Exo. 16:11-15). Although they had seen the destruction that God brought on the Egyptians, the curse of Adam became dominant and caused them to rebel against the word of God. They had also heard the voice of God speaking from the mountaintop that burned with fire and begged Moses to speak to God on their behalf because the voice of God was too much for them to bear. Even with all these experiences, they still rebelled against the commandments that God had spoken to them.

The family of the Israelites were slaves, recently rescued from under
the powerful hand of the king of Egypt. All the people who were present knew only oppression. Moses was put in charge of a collective group of individuals that had been abused their entire lives. Hope was nothing for them to be fond of, and believing in someone or something would only last for a while. So, when Moses went up into the mountain, it took him too long to return. The people became restless and decided that they would take over. They were all ignorant of the consequences of their actions.

Moses was God’s man. Moses was the one who God had come to and convinced that he was able to lead his people out from the land of Egypt. For Moses, God’s presence was welcoming. Moses and God had built a relationship that afforded Moses to trust that God was a living God. Moses understood the consequences of rebelling against God. He also understood the benefits of believing in and obeying God.


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