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Sammy...The Sailing Sea Turtle

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This book is a fantasy about a little sea turtle that is born different, and an "Only." These are things he is teased about by the other "littles" in Sea Turtle City society. He overcomes this teasing/bullying with the advice of his two wise friends, Rainbow, a parrot, and Magic, a dragonfly. He also makes friends with two beautiful dolphins. He learns to look for the reasons other littles are bullies. In the end, Sammy becomes an important and loved hero in his Sea Turtle society. I wrote this story to show young people today they can become more than their disabilities if they work hard and don't give up.

my review...

 A clever story for young people. Profound even, in a very readable way. One wouldn’t think a sea turtle society would have to deal with biases and bullies, but this one sure runs in a very parallel way with our reality.  

This is such a good middle grade reading book. It reads easily and somehow as you read those turtles, be they “Littles” or “Different”, you start to become them. You catch yourself seeing Mom and Dad and baby turtles. I really began to see people, their lives, good people, cruel people, all kinds.

An excellent story mixed with reality and values. 

read an excerpt...

In the beginning, there was only the nothingness—just the silent blackness. It felt good and safe being here in the nothingness. Soon, though, something was calling to him.

“Come to me, Samuelson.”

The place that had once felt so safe and completely comfortable began to seem cramped and uncomfortably dark. Whatever was calling to him kept calling, calling loudly and clearly.

“Please, come to me, Samuelson.”

He felt he needed to get out of the nothingness and go to whatever it was that was calling him. As he started to obey, he rubbed against something—something that was keeping him trapped. He knew he could not stay any longer. He had to get out. He had to obey the call.

At the bottom of his nose was a hard and sharp thing like a tooth. He used this tooth thing to scratch at the something that was keeping him trapped. He worked and worked on the scratch until he made a crack. He had to push and fight to break free of the something that was holding him in the darkness. As he broke through, sand fell in his face and all around him. The barrier was filling with sand. He fought hard, pushing, digging, clawing his way up. With one final push, he was out of the nothingness, and out of the sand.

about Gwendol...

Gwendol is a compassionate and imaginative author whose words have the power to inspire and uplift readers of all ages.



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