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The Demons Rising

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 A heart blackened by time, now reserved for hatred and despair. Vengeance—achievable through reaching the afterlife and gaining ultimate power—is the only way to satisfy an unquenchable thirst for justice. But, when a resurgence of hope blurs the line between retribution and madness, the blackened heart seeks to preserve what beauty is left within its grasp.

 Neeksus had hopes of life, until death seemed the only path. A voice beckons him to commit a final atrocious act: he must take the lives of as many individuals as possible, as well as his own. Once in the underworld, all will be made clear.

 A boy named Gabriel suits the requirements for Neeksus to attain his goal, residing in an earlier time and among space separate from the Milky Way. This boy holds a single hope: a girl dear to him, belonging to a fate worse than death.

 Neeksus can save her, but only if the boy kills and collects countless souls. Many will die, who will be sacrificed in Neeksus's quest for revenge...

my review...

Very dark. The author states that his mind is a dark sanctuary and that is evident in this book.

This book is narrated by Neeksus (in other words, Neeksus point of view). He tells a tale of Solictus and his journey. It is a tale of fantasy. While the story seems unclear at times, continued reading allowed me to catch the gist of this tale and read on.

read an excerpt...

“Heroism often gives rise to villains. Where villainy to some may seem to contain demonic intent, heroism can similarly be associated with an enlarged ego. Most people believe that Hitler was a psychotic murderer, but some revere him as a genius. World War II was the result of neither; it was caused by the deterioration of the German people’s principles due to suffering and a lack of action. We humans see ourselves as godly and yet our purpose is to simply exist and survive. When the ability to do so is challenged, it is in our nature to lash out and try to reclaim our godly right. A sight that may prove amusing or even self-destructive by observers. So, what is a hero and what is a villain? Some might say . . .”

The documentary’s narrative trailed off. My mind was absent; my eyes fixed through the window on the magnificent oak tree in autumn colours standing tall in the backyard, its bark ascending in chaotic but beautiful spirals. It was a beautiful day for a place on the border of suburbia and for a rundown area of an unimportant city in the United States. The Boston Red Sox had won their ninth world championship the day before.

I was told that to protect myself I must forget many names, including my own. A woman’s voice spoke in my mind: He will be arriving soon! I nodded as if the owner of the voice was watching me for affirmation. My heart ached. The voice reminded me of my lost beloved, which reminded me of the other losses I have endured. My cherished childhood pets, they had progressed through the natural stages of life and were given all the love my family could provide. Their deaths still dealt harsh emotional blows—however understandable they may have been. 

about Andrew S.M. Berger...

My desire to write is an extension of my personal love for colorful and imaginative storytelling. Along the way, I developed a longing to discover a path to reclaim the world which once held so much beauty. Opening the minds of the masses seems the only way. My mind is a dark sanctuary, which may be of benefit.

I live on Vancouver Island. My greatest influences are The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien, The Chronicles of Narnia by C S. Lewis, and The Gunslinger series by Stephen King. Plus the works of Akira Toriyama.

My free time is composed of spending time with my wife and son, getting out and seeing the world, and playing music. With everything I strive towards, making time to write was difficult, but I want more. I attended the school of imagination and graduated top of my class. I also have a certificate in bookkeeping, so I know about good books—even if those books are numerical non-fiction. Seriously speaking, I began writing in my high school creative writing class, after being told I had unrivaled creativity. The desire and journey to be one of the greats had begun.






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  1. I really like the cover and excerpt.

  2. Thank you for sharing your review of The Demons Rising, this does sound like a story that I will enjoy reading/listening to

  3. Hello Tami,

    I was inspired to write back when I was reading books like Goosebumps, there was such an exhilarating feeling from terror imagined. Further on I read works more fantastical, and found magic and wonder throughout the journey. The melding of the two came more naturally to me, one day I was pondering possibilities for truly original concepts and came up with the framework for The Demons Rising series.

    Andrew Berger


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