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It's a boring, hardscrabble life for three sisters growing up on a Michigan farm during the throes of the Great Depression.  But when young Nellie, digging for pirate treasure, discovers the tiny hand of a dead baby, rumors begin to fly.  Narrated by Nellie and her two older sisters, the story follows the girls as they encounter a patchwork of threatening circumstances and decide to solve the mystery.

my review...

Almost like Little Women but in a different time and setting. And…a book for adults and YA, no question. This setting is of a time during the Depression and gives a good picture of the life of farm families working hard and long days with barely a penny. Lots of bread and potatoes eaten in those days.

Each chapter was a POV by a sister and although sometimes the switching back and forth like this can drive me nuts, I loved it here. Each sister had different and interesting personalities as did the rest of the family.

I just couldn’t stop reading this. While it deals with the harshness of the times, it also deals with the warmth of the times, families, and friends, all helping one another to keep their heads above water.  

As I said I think this would be interesting to YA and adults. It brings up some hard times and of course some bad people but I think all of this story would be of interest and an easy read to many. It’s as full of lessons as it is fun, laughter, and hard times...

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When I woke up this morning the first thing I thought of was that baby. What a dark, scary place for a baby to be buried. So alone, away from everyone. Where were its parents? Babies need to be held and cuddled and kept warm. Even dead babies need to be buried in the churchyard with purty flowers, not off in the cold, dark backwoods.

I keep thinking ’bout the Preston’s baby girl, such a sweet baby. I held her once when Mrs. Preston was sitting beside me on the davenport. The baby kept sleeping, then blew a little bubble and later I could feel her little fart that warn’t stinky at all. All the time she jist kept sleeping. When she finally woke up and fussed, Mrs. Preston picked her up and jiggled her and talked baby talk to her so she quit fussing. That’s how babies are posta be treated.

But thinking ’bout the Prestons made me sad, too. They lost their farm and had to move away to Mrs. Preston’s parents’ place in Indiana. Ma said we might never see them again. Ma and Mrs. Preston both cried when we said goodbye. Pa and Mr. Preston shook hands and Pa bit his lip. I’d only seen him do that once before, at my grandpa’s funeral. 

about Charlotte Whitney...

Charlotte Whitney grew up in Michigan and spent much of her career at the University of Michigan directing internship and living-learning programs. She started out writing non-fiction while at the University and switched to romance with I DREAM IN WHITE. A passion for history inspired her to write THREADS A Depression Era Tale chronicling the stories of three sisters on a farm during the throes of the Great Depression. She lives in Arizona, where she loves hiking, bicycling, swimming, and practicing yoga.



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