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Flowers She Wore on Her Feet

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This is the story of an extraordinary girl and young woman with a brilliant mind, a heart of gold, and who is gone too soon. Neema was a priceless gift to us. Neema was an extraordinary young woman, with joy and wisdom, and remarkably profound and greater understanding about herself and others. She taught us everything worth knowing about life and love, everything about what it means to be a best friend...

 Neema, outlook for future is something about this book. Neema would have wanted the world to hear the voice of children and young people, girls and young people in particularly young women around the world, their walking sound when they walk wearing their beautiful flowers on their feet. Meaning that those girls and young women around the world have worked hard the same way Neema did, searching for their favorite flowers and they were able to see them and finally finding their ways to broadcast them, and therefore, finding their unique values. This is what Neema would have wanted the world to hear from children and young people saying that we go out and we're asking for help and support, they will wear flower on their feet because they worked hard to get see them and therefore they can now see themselves, and therefore , the walk by itself is a voice and a cry for help and they are saying help us because we would like to contribute to the world and we're read and we know what we love and what we want to do and what we're loving doing and we just want opportunities to let us equip with knowledge and skills then we will all be ready and set to contribute to the world we live in our own unique way happily.

my review...

This is a short story (92 pages). It’s a story of love and pride in one’s child. I think it’s also a story of coping with the loss of a child. This is only my interpretation. It’s a sweet story that everyone could and should read. I’ll tell you what else it can accomplish...I think it could also show other parents that this might be a way to keep any lost child alive.  

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Neema’s death at a very young age taught us a lot of things, we can learn now that the exposure we provided to her was incredibly amazing; she engulfed herself in her own world, in the nature, loved the nature and made the best use of it. Neema quickly learned to love and enjoy nature in her own unique way, and creatively she would combine her love for nature with other interests she grew to develop, things like her love for reading.

We’re sharing with you what our late daughter Neema taught us and also what she shared with us in her very short life. Her love for nature was something very important for her as well as her love for reading; they contributed to Neema’s life and excitement. Neema was excited about the nature around her and the beauty of nature she was experiencing. She lived and did her best to appreciate life and especially nature and the beauty that nature brought with it and anything about nature in her life cycle and around her. She wanted to live a simple life. We watched her and we enjoyed hearing her voice, her love for nature in every action and move. She lived by the flowers, she was a flower.

Neema worked very hard and engaged herself with knowledge and understanding about how to broadcast her love for nature and how she lived to love the beauty and nature around her. For Neema, it was all about the act of living and enjoying the moments of life, in particular the moments when nature brings beauty around you to enjoy. Making life less complicated was very important to her, and she was always happy to tell people about it or just speak by action by wearing flowers on her feet.

Bertha Mkwelele and Edward Mkwelele are co-founders of the Neema Edward Mkwelele Wellness Foundation, where they empower young girls in Tanzania through education. Visit to learn more.








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