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Luna's Adventure Series

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My review...

I read both Where Did Luna Go? and Luna Loves Biscuits. Any children’s book that has a dog with “curly wurly” hair or a “creaky leaky old kitchen” has to be fun, doesn’t it?

Both of these books are cute. Both have lots of rhyming and darling illustrations. I’m always pointing out that to me, children’s books should have a bit of education and/or values in them. It is so easy to teach just a bit, you know...hide it in there and make those kids think it’s all just fun:)  In one book, the author has us searching many places for Luna. In the laundry, the kitchen, the doghouse, etc. That can lead to countless lessons and conversations all while reading and having fun. In Luna Loves Biscuits we learn what it really means to do the right thing.

I have read and reviewed several books published by Tellwell Talent in the last year. They seem to have a talent for attracting good authors.

These are fun and yet they have a little substance for every parent to use. Better put, if you’re going to have to read a book with your child over and over again like they ask. You should hope it becomes one of these.

Book 1: Where did Luna go?


Luna is a cheeky and playful big black dog with lots of curly-wurly hair who likes to explore and play. One day, Luna gets a little bit stuck somewhere . . .


Where did Luna go?


Come and explore with Luketo help find Luna.





Luna should be easy to find. There are not many places that she can go.

I wonder where else a big black dog with lots of curly wurly hair can hide.

I know! Luna must be in the laundry room hiding under all the smelly clothes.

No, she isn’t there

Where did Luna go? I do not know.

I’m starting to get really worried that Luna is hiding from me. I just want to play with her.

Luna’s not hiding under Mummy and Daddy’s bed, she’s not in the laundry room hiding under smelly clothes, and she’s not hiding behind the sofa with the cheeky teddies.

Where could Luna be?

Book 2: Luna Loves Biscuits


Luna is a cheeky and playful big black dog with lots of curly-wurly hair who likes to explore and play.


Luna really loves her special dog biscuits. One day Lilly leaves Luna's special dog biscuit jar open.


Will Luna be a naughty dog or a good dog?


Let's find out.

read an excerpt...

In the crickety, rickety old house down Tumble Lane lived a little girl named Lilly, her younger brother Luke and their cheeky dog named Luna, a big black dog with lots of curly wurly hair.

Ollie dog is the smelly, scruffy little dog from next door. Ollie is always giving Luna sneaky ideas. Luna really loves dog biscuits. Luna loves dog biscuits so much she will do anything to get one.

One afternoon in the creaky, leaky old kitchen, Lilly accidently left the lid off Luna’s special jar of dog biscuits.

Luna sniffed and whiffed a scent so glorious she raced to the creaky, leaky old kitchen.

Luna’s big black curly wurly hair bounced and flounced through the air as she ran toward the beautiful smell of fresh dog biscuits.

Luna quickly noticed that Lilly had left the dog biscuit jar open and hatched a sneaky plan.

about Stephanie Hewitt...

Hi, I’m Stephanie Hewitt! I am a new Australian children’s author.

I am the mother of two toddlers. I love writing stories for my children and others that they will enjoy.

















BOOK 1: Where did Luna go?








BOOK 2: Luna Loves Biscuits







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  1. Thank you so much for your reviews! We are thrilled you loved the books.

  2. My grandson would love this story! He has a new black puppy that looks just like Luna!


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