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Starlite - Book Tour


Science Fiction

Date Published: 10-08-2022

Publisher: The Chapel Perilous

 Bevil Cyrex, adrift in space on a ship determined to kill him, stumbles across an ancient and abandoned space station called The Starlite.

Once on board the station he sets about repairing it, with the goal of opening up for business.

Along the way he befriends a possibly sociopathic, all powerful nanite swarm, who has decided to take on the appearance and mannerisms of his grandmother.

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He must also contend with being hunted by an ex-mob enforcer looking for revenge, a handful of pirates and various threats of invasion, marriage and death.

All in all, Bevil would have to admit, things were really looking up.



   About the Author

I truly enjoy writing and it really never feels like work. Okay, mostly never feels like work.

Folks who have read my books have said they are definitely filled with words. These words are used in a very clever way to form sentences, which then form paragraphs until a page is just jammed packed with them. I do this repeatedly throughout my novels.

I am a lifelong lover of comic books, video games, science fiction and fantasy. My favorite authors include Robert Heinlein, William Gibson and Mark Twain.

Once the technology is perfected, I hope to own a robotic chimpanzee that will accompany me on many adventures. We will travel the globe solving crime, eating pie and saving the day.

I think it's safe to assume that we're gonna look pretty cool doing that.

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An excerpt from "Starlite"

Chapter 1


 The phone was ringing. It would not stop ringing. Bevil knew that if he did not pick up the phone it would continue to ring. Then it would stop. Then it would ring again. The flashing name on the screen to his left sent dread throughout his entire body; it was one word, one name, MOM.

 Bevil answered, “Hi, mom!” he said with as much gaiety as he could muster.

 "Bevil, dear, it’s mom.”

 “Yes mom I know.” Bevil’s mom had been calling everyday for the last two weeks. Usually he would speak to his parents once a week, maybe once every other week, but with the big Jamboree coming up things were getting a little intense.

 “I wanted to talk to you about the Jamboree if you have time, dear,” said his mother in that lilting yet authoritative tone that made it very clear that she didn’t care if he had the time, they were definitely going to talk about it.

 “What’s up?”

 “Well, we just got word that both the Majere and the Fireforge will be able to attend.”

“Uh huh.” Bevil braced himself for what was coming next.

 “I have spoken to the captains of both ships and they are very interested in having you meet a couple of very eli- gible young ladies,” said his mother.

 “Okay, mom.” Bevil needed to phrase this next bit care- fully. “But are you sure we want to ally ourselves with the Majere or Fireforge?”

 “Bevil Cyrex! You know good and well that we have been allied with those ships for generations. Now you listen to me, young man. I am very happy you’ve been having fun out there, but you are going to come home and we are going to find you a wife!”

 Bevil knew his mom wasn’t really angry, she simply missed him and was worried about him. As the ship’s Exec- utive Matron she was also obsessed with keeping the genetic makeup of the Cyrex as diverse as possible, which meant pairing people up at functions such as the one upcoming.

Bevil was not close to being ready to get married. He also wasn’t brave enough to tell his mother that, so he most likely was going to get married. The brave live beautifully but cowards live long, as the old saying goes.

 He’d been on his own now for going on five years, just him and Bethany. There were times he was lonely and lots of times he missed his family, but at twenty two, Bevil just did not want to go home yet, if ever. The idea of taking a respectable position on the Cyrex and starting a family filled him with absolute dread.

From a lifetime of experience Bevil knew he could never win an argument with his mother. There was only one thing he could do, lie and fake it. “Okay, mom,” he said. “But, I’m not just going to settle down with someone because she’s from a ship you think is good for us. If I don’t like her I’m not doing it.”

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