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The Not So True Adventures of Brandon, Josh, and Adam.


Eleven-year-old cousins Brandon and Josh return home safely at the end of their Almost True Adventure, only to discover that their cousin Adam has been captured by the very same aliens from the Intergalactic Council on Obedience to Parents they just escaped from!

Now the boys must figure out how to get back into space, rescue Adam, and return home safely again!

It's a Not So True Adventure full of action, surprises, old friends, new enemies, frenemies, and what's that about doubles troubles?

A hilarious and once-in-a-while serious story of past, present, and future antics, based on some of the three cousins' escapades in real life!

My review... 

Kind of a quirky sci-fi adventure. Fun for kids 8 through 12. Has lots of humor and real “sci-fi” stuff, aliens, different dimensions, time travel, even an abduction. What wouldn’t be a fun read if you have aliens named Strataderks:)

This does have an awful lot of antics going on at the same time, and it’s full of layers. Still, I think plenty of kids will enjoy it. 

read an excerpt...

I Wish I Would Have Just Eaten My Dinner OR ADAM MEETS THE COUNCIL

Twelve-year-old Adam was mad. He was very mad. He was in a cage with bars and not happy about it at all. With every bit of his 120-pound might and five feet two height, he gripped the bars and tried twisting them loose until his hands hurt. No use. They would not budge.

Adam was not sure how he ended up in the cage. Last thing he remembered, he had been horribly angry at his mother, stomping away from the supper table and up the stairs towards his room. Next thing he knew, he woke up in this dark place. Only when his eyes became accustomed to the darkness could he tell he was in some kind of jail. Still, he refused to believe it.

At first, he thought he was dreaming. He tried to wake up by pinching the skin on his arm. That hurt! Next, he shook his head back and forth, his curly brown hair waving around until it fell over his eyes, and he felt dizzy. Nope, that didn’t work either because he was already very much awake. Then he thought his two older brothers might be playing a trick on him. He yelled as loudly as possible, “Danny! Ken! Is this one of your dumb jokes? It’s not funny!”

No one came.

Next, he tried walking away but found he ran right into the bars and bumped his forehead. Ouch! He rattled the bars again. Nothing changed. This was not a nightmare. It was not a trick. It really was a cage. Adam was getting nervous and his hands felt clammy. He could feel the sweat on his forehead. He sat down and tried to think. His mind started racing with all kinds of crazy thoughts. Was this some weird punishment for leaving the dinner table? Where was he anyway? Was he being pranked? Maybe he was on one of those TV shows where a friend or family member plays a prank that is filmed on an unsuspecting victim. He wouldn’t put that past his brothers or his cousins, Brandon and Josh. He concluded he had to slow down and think things out and not jump to conclusions about what had happened to him.

about Barry M. Fellinger...

Barry M. Fellinger resides in St. Thomas, Ontario, with his wife Beth, and currently works as a director in health care and also teaches leadership courses and seminars.

 He loves spending time with his adult children, grandchildren, extended family, and friends.

 He enjoys reading, writing, watching superhero television shows and movies, collecting comics, attending the occasional Comicon and, for inspiration, relaxing in Sanctuary II, his comic book/man room.

 He has a few more books in the works which he hopes to complete before or during retirement.


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