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Grandpa's Cabin

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At eighty-four years old, widower and award-winning geneticist Bernie Crenshaw has reached the end of his life. Bernie gifts his only grandson, eighteen-year-old Inglewood high school senior Nova, his multimillion-dollar property located in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills.

Years after Bernie's death, Nova hosts a wild twenty-first birthday party weekend filled with alcohol, music, and OnlyFans web cameras. After a handful of eerie encounters in the surrounding Los Angeles forest, Nova's friends allege that his grandpa's cabin is the burial ground for people who disappeared during their childhood.

The birthday weekend shifts from celebration to terror as the friends piece together that the man Nova knew as "Popsi" matches the profile of one of the most notorious wanted criminals in Los Angeles-"L.A. Love Hunter."

Will Nova preserve the Crenshaw family's sadistic legacy, or will he choose the rare and valuable gift of friendship?

my review...

You know those tv series where an episode ends and you’re crying “on no, tell me more”?

Well Grandpa’s Cabin is just like that. I couldn’t put this 144-page book down. Nova grows up being dropped off at his grandfather’s house by his mother time after time. He doesn’t know she is afraid his abusive father will hurt him too. In his mind and his memories, Popsie, Nova’s grandfather, is the perfect role model. But as we all fear after we’re gone, some of our indiscretions or plain old mistakes may be discovered.

I’m not sure why this author doesn’t have more books listed on Amazon. His writing is well organized and clear and can keep a certain amount of tension in the air. The “hold your breath” kind of suspense is often present.

This book was a good read. However, it is written in a style not always handled well by a lot of authors. These chapters sometimes change time periods. You know…the old “14 years ago” “current day” and on and on. Nothing can irk me more if this is not done well and makes my reading disjointed. But here, in Grandfather’s Cabin, it is handled with a lot of skill. I was never jolted out of place, never confused by where I was or who I was for that matter. Quite an art from an author with few publications listed in high traffic venues.

This is Book 1. I certainly hope Book 2 is coming. Besides, it would be rude to make me wait for “Episode 2”, wouldn’t it?

read an excerpt...

Forty-five years ago

Eric had managed to slip out of bed and past Lennox’s quarters unheard. Under his arm, he carried a carved wooden chess set. He had gotten it for his seventh birthday last week, which he had spent alone with Lennox in front of the television.

Bernie had been away speaking at the ‘World Changer’ conference in Seattle, one of the largest media events in the county to celebrate black people making a difference in their respective industries. Bernie had won an award for excellence in biological sciences, specifically genetic sequencing research.

Eric was awestruck that his father was the same man spotlighted in news articles and photographed with Jimmy Carter and famous celebrities.

Eric had watched his father on television while opening his Christmas presents, all picked out by Lennox with ‘From Dad’ forged on the tags. He could identify his father’s writing and signature within a fraction of a second, but still, he accepted these gifts with the tags written by Lennox.

“Look what Daddy got me,” Eric said to his mother, Madeline, who was busy laughing on the phone.

Madeline shut the door.

Eric stood disappointed and motionless.


about Ross Victory...

Ross Victory is an award-winning author and singer/songwriter from Southern California. After the loss of his father and brother, Ross dove into self-discovery, reigniting his childhood passion for creative writing and music production, launching an independent writing career. Victory has dedicated his life to empowering his community while entertaining listeners and readers. Victory provides a multi-format creative experience in Urban Adult Contemporary music and literature, with a focus on creative non-fiction and thematic novellas. Topics include: adventure, family, religion and philosophy, and identity.

Victory is best known for his father-son memoir, "Views from the Cockpit," and multimedia production brand, "Books & Bangers."

Website: https://www.rossvictory.com

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