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Date Published: May 22, 2023

Publisher: World Castle Publishing

Dr. Anne Mastik, an Infectious Disease specialist at the University of Virginia with multiple sclerosis, is called on to save the life Ruth Morehouse, a teenager with a mysterious life-threatening infection...


Ruth is the last survivor of a once-thriving community isolated for centuries on an isolated mountaintop in West Virginia.  Anne must contend with Miriam Morehouse, Ruth's iron-willed aunt and guardian, who lives by the directives of an ancient prophecy centering on Ruth.
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To save Ruth, Anne explores the toxic relationship between the Morehouses and the nearby town of Eden.  When people connected with Ruth die under suspicious circumstances, Anne questions whether there is a genetic time bomb that has killed of the community... or is it murder.  To save Ruth, Anne must earn the trust of the two women and use all her wiles to outwit the killer.  And Ruth must ultimately make her own decision to defy the prophecy... or fulfill it.


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About the Author

Gil Snider is a neurologist, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and medically trained at the University of Michigan.  The proud father of two grown sons, he and his author-wife Judy reside in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  He is a member of Hampton Roads Writers and James River Writers and has previously published "Brain Warp-A Medical Thriller".


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Excerpt from "The Last"

Miriam sat alone on her front porch, rocking in the darkness as a cool night breeze blew through her hair. It was a beautiful night, the stars standing out against the pitch-black sky and only visible here, far away from the town lights that masked their brilliance. She’d missed the mountains while at the hospital, but Anne was now caring for Ruth. She could trust Anne, whose motives were beyond reproach and whose knowledge would keep Ruth alive to fulfill the prophecy.

Only when the breeze subsided did Miriam heard the ominous sound of shoes crunching on gravel. She recognized that tread. She had heard them before, on the night she and Anne had been here alone, the night of Isaiah’s funeral. More than likely, her sister Rebecca had heard them too, just before she and Samuel perished in the fire.

They were the footsteps of Death.

But tonight, they held no fear, only hope. Ruth was now protected by a woman healer, as had been foretold by the prophecy. With Miriam’s death Ruth would indeed be the last, and the salvation of humanity would follow. Miriam kept rocking as the footsteps grew closer and stopped in the darkness a few yards from the porch.

“She is not here,” Miriam said to the darkness. “She is gone.”

“I know. I came to tell you I don’t wish to hurt her. I only want to protect her.”

“Is that what you told her parents? Before you killed them?”

“Yes. And it is a guarantee that I make to you.”

“Before you kill me.” Miriam said this as a statement, rather than as a question.

He paused. “Yes.”

“I have no fear of death. Isaiah and I have fulfilled our purpose, as you are fulfilling yours. Ruth is all that matters now.”

“Yes, Ruth is all that matters. And I cannot risk you interfering with my plans for her.”

The steps came closer. Miriam closed her eyes as she heard them ascend the creaky wooden steps. She opened her eyes but saw only the outline of his body against the background of stars.

A strong, gloved hand grabbed her by the back of her head, and she smelled an overwhelmingly pungent odor as a wet cloth covered her nose and face. Despite her acceptance of her fate, she struggled reflexively, clutching and scratching against her assailant, to no avail. As her consciousness receded, her body slumped forward.

The attacker picked up her limp body and carried it inside to the bed, where he pressed a pillow to her face. Every few minutes, he touched his hand to her neck to check for a pulse. When he could feel it no longer, he put the pillow under her head and covered her lifeless body with a blanket.

Guiding his footsteps with a flashlight, he walked several yards from the house before turning around for one last look at the homestead. No need to burn the house down this time. There were no longer any obstacles.

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