Thursday, November 23, 2023

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Book of the Rising Sun


Fantasy / Mythology

Date Published: June 2, 2023

Publisher: MindStir Media


The Almighty Sun is dead, leaving a throne and ashes for his heirs to fight for.

As the first female child of the Sun-god in fifteen centuries, Vamya has the chance to Ascend.

In order to succeed, she must challenge not only her two brothers, but a millennial society where religion holds more value than any individual, where women's rights are scarce.

She must break the foundational chains of an entire belief system, including her own.

Who can guide her when her own birth is anathema? Who can she trust? Where can she stand firm when the ground is shaking under the approaching drums of endless war against the neighboring beacon of the Light and the kingdom of Darkness?

Who will Fate choose? Who will be the key that will change the course of the world?


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Once upon a time . . .

Funny, I always hated children’s tales, and yet I know no better way to tell a story before going to bed, resting, or sinking into oblivion.

Just now, my thoughts traveled as fast as this arrow embedded itself in my chest, through  fleeting memories of what I was, who I am, and who I could have been. One of those memories was of the time I thought, ‘the day I tell a child’s tale will be my last.’

Boy, I was right.

These rivers of blood pooling around my now-numb legs remind me of the story of a land most dark, of a queen of blood.

Blood that would drown the whole world as we know it.

About the Author

A firm believer that the power of an individual comes from the strengths of all facets of one’s life, Dr Moises Duviel Irizarry combines over two decades of fantasy role-playing storytelling, medical experience and his own, real-life struggles, to tell deep, emotionally compelling stories that will break someone’s heart while also strengthening their resolve.

“One just needs to touch a single life to change the whole world.”


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