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What Did You Think Was Going To Happen


 Nonfiction / Civil Rights & Liberties

Date Published: January 5, 2021

Publisher: Phoenix Publishing Corporation

This book chronicles the effects of long term systemic and institutional racism. Using South-Central Los Angeles as an example, the book chronicles the forty-year process of attempting to provide technology and the effect of the lack of ability to access technology. The extensively documented case has shown that the denial of civil rights and technology would lead to the inevitable results that have occurred. This book deals with the cause and effect of the refusal by the City of Los Angeles to comply with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling against the City. The ruling identified the City’s attempts to limit technology in the poorest areas of the City as a civil rights violation. The complicity of major Black politicians is also explored...

In the 1980’s and 1990’s, before the growth of the internet, cable television was the newest technology available throughout the United States and the world. It would dramatically change America’s use of the television and related industries. The denial would serve to provide long-term negative consequences within the community including education, poor health, crime and gangs that have run rampant over the last four decades within South-Cental Los Angeles.

My review...

We all have our own opinions about things but in many instances, we don’t always know all the facts. Is this book by Clinton Galloway the “facts”? As far as I could research it seems a lot of it is factual. A lot of it is about things we have turned our backs on and ignored because it was just easier. I do think though that the theme here is not as I hoped it would be. While I am sure there was no question of the government being at fault, I was a little disappointed that the “we” aspect wasn’t factored in very much. The “what could we people do to create a solution”. Am I saying this book was one-sided? Absolutely not. It was interesting, easy to read, and something we all should read. Just because I wish it had touched on a few more aspects does not make it a bad book. There are so many books we couldn’t read if we avoided that. How silly that would be.

About The Author

Clinton E. Galloway is a Certified Public Accountant with a practice in Marina del Rey, California. He is also a registered securities principal and runs a registered securities broker-dealer, which is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

He was born in Birmingham, Alabama, but moved shortly thereafter with his family to New York City. He attended Northern Arizona University with the assistance of a baseball scholarship. In the late 1970s, after getting his CPA license, he relocated from a large international accounting firm in San Francisco to a major international investment banking firm in Beverly Hills.

His first book is titled “Anatomy of a Hustle: Cable Comes to South Central Los Angeles” (2012). This is his second book.

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