Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Getting to Forever



KinkLink Series, Book Three

Steamy Romance / Romantic Comedy

Date Published: April 6, 2021

Amanda (Mandy) Gilchrist was just baffled by her colleague. One minute he was her rock and the next he couldn't get away from her fast enough...only to land himself in jail. Her bosses now hate him and wouldn't help him cross the street let alone post bail so it was up to her — except someone got to him first. What the heck was going on?

By now he must realize he needs her help… And it’s going to cost him because this time she’s not going to turn a blind eye. Mandy’s going to make sure David sees her skills as a PI and as a woman too — one he’s got ‘tied up inside and out’.

Because he may not know it yet but they’re both looking for exactly the same thing...

David aka Hack Varetti is in deep shit. A little finagling with the FBI and maybe he'll get his life back on track but there’s no guarantees. Making the wrong associations only landed him in the clink, but now he's got a second chance --- to fix his life. And to take care of her.

Because Mandy doesn't know it yet, but she needs something only he can give her, and he can't wait to show her how a Dom brings his Sub to fulfillment because it's something she'll never forget.

Even though the last thing he wanted to do was involve her in his mess, afraid she’d get hurt. He knew, if he wanted her to trust him again, he was going to have to work for it.

Everyone's got to learn the ropes sometime...

The steamy standalone novels in Tara Eldana’s KinkLink series are best read in order:





The wooden seat in the District Courthouse was as unyielding as Judge Mary Ritkowski. Mandy Gilchrist listened to the judge accept yet another guilty plea for drunk driving. David’s turn was next.

He wasn’t in the courtroom – yet. He was on the judge’s docket to be arraigned this morning. The judge repeated the same spiel to the fifth drunk driving case as a deputy led David and three more prisoners into the jury box.

Her breath quickened and pulse raced. David towered over the deputy and other prisoners. His orange prison garb left his muscled, tattooed arms bare. His jaw was shadowed with stubble. His dark hair fell onto his forehead.

He spotted her before he sat down. His blue eyes blazed – with either anger or relief, she couldn’t tell – before he schooled his movie-star handsome features into the hated mask she’d do anything to crack. The few, rare glimpses she’d had of the real, untamed man were the reason she was here to bail his stupid ass out of jail.

His nickname was Hack because he could hack into anything – a total computer genius. But she refused to call him that. He was more than that, even though he was trying his best to prove that he wasn’t.

About The Author

I am a very recently retired, multi-award-winning staff writer for a weekly community newspaper chain in metro Detroit. I became hooked on romance fiction when my 11th grade English teacher rejected the book report I wrote, saying the book was much too easy for me, and insisted I read and report on Daphne du Maurier's "Rebecca." I read Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With the Wind" that previous summer.

After some life-changing health issues, and covering over a dozen murder and criminal sexual conduct trials, I decided to write the kind of stories I like to read, stories with happy endings.

I love the romance genre and love letting my characters take control of their stories. I am a member of the Greater Detroit Romance Writers of America. I write under the pen name of Tara Eldana

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