Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Business or Political President

 You Choose: Trump or Biden

Non-Fiction / Politics

Release Date: 3/31/22


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We look at Donald Trump, a famous business tycoon through the lens of a citizen providing some insights into the background of America’s Business President.

Join author Peter Murphy as he breaks down the facts from a shockingly relevant business-savvy perspective. We look at Trump’s struggles, successes, and areas that could have been better for him and the country.

We look at Joe Biden, Political President, and his background and where he is taking the country. What are the differences between these two men and their politics? Are they very different in their styles and politics? And who will go into the history books as the president who did most for our country and our people? And what’s ahead for 2024?

We must judge our politicians on their performances and how they are making the lives of its citizens better and not if they are Republican, Independent or Democrat. I personally don’t care, I want results and solutions.

This book is informative, educational, and fun to read. Please have an open mind. I believe all our struggles and challenges are different as discussed in my book. And how we rise up and deal with these challenges is what makes us a stronger people and a stronger United States of America.


About the Author

My name is Peter Murphy.  I am an Irish immigrant that moved to America in 1986 and fell in love with this beautiful country from day one.

I am a businessman and I have started and grown multiple companies from the ground up.

I wrote “Business or Political President” out of love and frustration for this country, and hope you gain knowledge from my work.


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