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I Am One with the Universe

This children's book teaches young readers to reflect on a simple yet profound message: We are all connected to everything we see and experience in this world. The essence of God is within each one of us and in everything we see, touch, feel, taste and dream about.

With rhyme and playful illustrations, I Am One with the Universe will help children realize their unity with all things and that they are not separate from God or anyone else.

read an excerpt...

“I am one with every vegetable I enjoy to eat.

I am one with every fruit, from the sour to the sweet.”       

my review...

This is a very different type of children’s book. It has several points that can be used for a great purpose. It is written in a sort of sing-song like prose which I think always makes it easier for children to identify with and enjoy. I think this type of prose also makes much easier reading for an adult to a child. The book also has nice illustrations and lots of color.

More than any of its other assets is the opportunity to discuss various points with a child. While “I am one with every vegetable I enjoy to eat” may not have a lot of clear meaning to me, I can see some excellent discussion blooming from such a verse. There’s no question this book is culturally diverse. In fact, I think diversity and yet unity is the whole point of the story. A nice book for explaining and teaching acceptance in this world.


about Kyra Kara & Dayan...

Having decided to change careers as professional dance instructors and competitors, Kyra and Dayán completed a yoga teacher training and strategic intervention life-coaching certification and together embarked on the journey of self-discovery by following a calling from deep inside their hearts.

Inspired by the messages from numerous teachers of spirituality and personal growth, plus their love for children, Kyra & Dayán have made it one of their life purposes to translate the teachings they have learned throughout their evolution into children’s books, so the younger generations can benefit early on in their lives from the wisdom of those who have passed before them. Together they founded Feeling Good Books, with the intention to empower, inspire and provide children with tools that will help them navigate through life. They share a desire to contribute to the growth and well-being of each child and parent out there.

Kyra and Dayán live in Montreal, Canada, with their five children.



Feeling Good Books is all about empowering the divine within each child through meaningful messages found in each book and providing tools that will help children navigate through life. We love children, and children’s books! As parents ourselves, we are passionate about books that will help create a better world for the next generations.

Our mission is to spread awareness about the inner knowing and inner wisdom we all possess since birth. Through each book we invite these inner powers to come forth and flourish into being. We believe by teaching our children early on the fundamental truth about life, it will help them to have a brighter and more positive journey.

We invite you to check out every page on this website and begin seeing the world in a different light.

Sending ‘feeling good’ vibes your way!


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  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful review of I Am One with the Universe, this sounds like an excellent book to share with my grandchildren

  2. This sounds like a great children's book, my nephews would enjoy this!


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